Accessibility Policy

The Central Government Website - Accessibility Policy

The Government Offices of Iceland have resolved to make the Central Government Website accessible to the handicapped, and aim for all its content to conform at least to the guidelines of WCAG 1.0, Level A, by 1 July 2007.* The Government Offices will review their policy annually, so as to fulfil even better the requirements for making the Website accessible to everyone. Any individual ministry may adopt the objective of achieving a certain accessibility level sooner than stipulated by the common accessibility policy for the Government Offices, and may refer to this on the ministry website. The role of ensuring that the Central Government Website always fulfils adopted accessibility objectives shall be in the hands of the Website management of Government Offices.

Central Government Website pages fulfilling the accessibility policy shall be specifically identified through a W3C icon which is placed at the bottom of the leftmost panel and links to a page telling what the icon represents.

Although the Central Government Website in some instances points to the websites of institutions, social organisations or businesses, the accessibility policy of the Central Government Website applies solely to that Website, not to the websites being referred to.

Third-party content which appears on ministry websites shall meet requirements on accessibility for everyone. In addition, software vendors dealing with the ministries shall be requested to describe how their product gives consideration to accessibility, and ministry staff shall have guaranteed access to the software necessary for making content accessible.
Measures shall be taken for staff to receive the training needed for their particular jobs and roles, with retraining provided as accessibility requirements develop or new technology emerges. In part, this is to be accomplished by creating a special information page on accessibility at the Government's information technology website.
* The WCAG 1.0 criteria originated in 1999. Lately, they have been reviewed under the working name of WCAG 2.0. It is expected that the revised criteria will take effect during 2007 and at the same time become the criteria for the Central Government Website.


Certain older PDF files on the Central Government Website are inaccessible for screen readers. If a PDF document proves inaccessible, please contact the ministry involved and efforts will be made to find an acceptable solution.

Last revised on 21 Dec. 2006