The Icesave Issue

National referendum on Icesave bill held on 9 April - 2/28/11

Following the President´s decision not to sign into law the so-called Icesave bill passed by parliament, a national referendum on its validity will be held on 9 April. The bill had been passed by the Icelandic parliament with an overwhelming majority; 44 votes out of 63 in favour. Further reading

President referred bill on Icesave to a referendum - 2/20/11

The President of Iceland has referred the bill of legislation authorizing the Minister of Finance to ratify the so-called Icesave agreements to a referendum. Further reading

Parliament agrees on a bill regarding Icesave - 2/16/11

The Icelandic Parliament, Althingi, agreed today on a bill from the Minister of Finance that confirms the fresh agreement reached between Iceland, UK and The Netherlands on the Icesave issue. Further reading

Iceland´s negotiating committee introduced it´s summary on Icesave 12/9/10

Iceland´s negotiation committee introduced in Reykjavík today, Thursday 8. December, it´s summary on the outcome of the recent discussions on Icesave in London with British and Dutch committees on the matter. Further reading

Results of Icesave negotiations presented - 12/9/10

The negotiating committees of Iceland, the UK and the Netherlands met in London on Wednesday to discuss issues concerning Icesave. Further reading