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The Embassy of Iceland in Ottawa represents Iceland vis-à-vis Canada as well as Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and Venezuela. The Embassy's mission is to strengthen and promote political, economic and cultural relations with these countries. The Embassy opened in May 2001.

Canada is one of Iceland's closest neighbours and allies and there are more people of Icelandic descent living in Canada than anywhere else outside of Iceland.

The Embassy runs an Overseas Business Service for North-America, located in New York.

Information about Iceland's consulates in the embassy's jurisdiction can be found below.

Embassy of Iceland in Ottawa


360 Albert Street, Suite 710

Ottawa, ON K1R 7X7

Phone: +1 (613) 482 1944



Open all week days from 09:00 - 16:00

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Pétur Ásgeirsson

Curriculum Vitae

Born November 3, 1962

Married to Mrs. Jóhanna Gunnarsdóttir, lawyer

Two sons, Ásgeir Hafsteinn, b. 1991, Magnús b. 1993

Economist from the University of Stirling, Scotland, 1987

Studied Law and Philosophy, University of Iceland, 1983

Menntaskólinn við Sund, High School, 1983


Ambassador of Iceland to Canada from November 1, 2017

Consul General of Iceland in Nuuk, Greeland from 2013 to 2017


Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Reykjavík from 1999 to 2013

 - Appointed Ambassador in the Icelandic Foreign Service 2013

 - Director General for Administration and Consular Affairs from 2009 to 2013

 - Director for Administration and Consular Affairs from 2006 to 2009

 - Deputy Director for Administration from 1999


Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Reykjavík from 1993 to 1999


Co-Author of the book Á norðurslóð – ferðasaga frá Grænlandi. (On the Arctic route – a travelogue from Greenland). Published with his son Ásgeir H. Pétursson in 2017.

Boards and Committees

 - Board of Directors for Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre from 2012 to 2013

 - Prime Ministers Office, Task Force on the Security of the Central Government and the

   President of Iceland, 2012

 - Chairman, Organizing Committee for the Icelandic participation at Expo 2010 Shanghai

 - Austurhöfn -TR ehf, Harpa East Harbour Project - The National Conference and Concert Centre

   from 2003 to 2012

 - Committee on the Selection of Art in the new wing at the Keflavik International Airport, Chairman, 2000

 - Committee on an IT Centre for Education, Chairman, 1998

 - Committee on a computer system for Icelandic Libraries, Chairman, 1998

 - Board Member for the Fulbright Commission in Iceland 1994 to 1998, Chairman from 1997 to 1998

 - Committee on development of GoPro, a case handling system for the Government, Chairman

   from 1997 to 2000

 - Prime Ministers Office, Task Force on the Information Society from 1997 to 1999

 - Committee on storing Electronic documents in the National Archive, Chairman, 1997

 - Committee on housing for the Icelandic ballet, 1996

 - Working group on Budgetary Matters, EFTA-EU from 1996 to 2013

 - Nordic Council Committee on the use of Computers in Schools, 1996

 - Committee on finances of the Icelandic Opera, 1995

 - Committee on the IT- policy of the Ministry for Science, Education and Culture, 1995

 - Medialex Committee of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, 1995

Icelandic consulates are located in most provinces of Canada. In each of those consulates an Honorary Consul can be contacted when questions or difficulties concerning Icelandic nationals arise. The main role of the Icelandic Honorary Consuls abroad is to protect and further the interests of Iceland and Icelandic nationals as appropriate. Honorary Consuls are private individuals who take care of their tasks on a part-time basis without remuneration.

Furthermore, the Embassy has jurisdiction over six Central and South American countries; Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and Venezuela.

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