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Jan 14, 2022Blá ör til hægriEmbassy Held Virtual Meeting with Iceland´s Honorary Consuls
Dec 23, 2021Blá ör til hægriMeeting between the Foreign Ministers of Iceland and China
Dec 21, 2021Blá ör til hægriAmbassador Addressed the Annual Meeting of Össur China with Key Clients
Dec 15, 2021Blá ör til hægriCarbon Recycling International's New Consortium Established at the Embassy
Dec 09, 2021Blá ör til hægriCelebrating the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations
Dec 02, 2021Blá ör til hægriChina´s Special Representative for European Affairs Visited Iceland
Dec 01, 2021Blá ör til hægriFriendly Curling Competition with Embassy of Norway
Nov 29, 2021Blá ör til hægriThe Second Briefing of the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
Nov 26, 2021Blá ör til hægriTake Action To End Gender-Based Violence
Nov 25, 2021Blá ör til hægriReykjavik Conversation Meeting Held At Embassy Today
Nov 22, 2021Blá ör til hægriEmbassy of Iceland Celebrated The Day of Icelandic Language
Nov 12, 2021Blá ör til hægriAmbassador’s Visit to Beijing Organizing Committee for 2022 Olympics
Nov 11, 2021Blá ör til hægriAmbassador´s visit to Juneyao Air in Shanghai
Nov 11, 2021Blá ör til hægriSino-Nordic Sustainable Healthcare Cooperation Forum
Nov 11, 2021Blá ör til hægri2021 Hubei-Shanghai Conference on Business Cooperation and Investment Promotion
Nov 10, 2021Blá ör til hægriThe 4Th China International Import Expo 2021
Nov 10, 2021Blá ör til hægriA visit to the Shanghai Institute for International Studies
Nov 09, 2021Blá ör til hægriAmbassador Attended Marel Shanghai Progress Point Inauguration Ceremony
Nov 08, 2021Blá ör til hægriAmbassador Visited MFE Shanghai Technology Development Co. Ltd
Nov 02, 2021Blá ör til hægriIcelandic Government Scholarships For The Academic Year 2022-2023
Nov 02, 2021Blá ör til hægriSnorri Sturluson Icelandic Fellowships
Nov 02, 2021Blá ör til hægriAmbassador Visited The Beijing HQ of Iceland’s Arctic Green Energy
Oct 29, 2021Blá ör til hægriAmbassador Met With Mr.Xue Qingguo Vice Mayor of Qingdao
Oct 29, 2021Blá ör til hægriChina Fisheries & Seafood Expo in Qingdao
Oct 28, 2021Blá ör til hægriAmbassador Met With Mr. Ma Youxiang Vice Minister of Agriculture of China
Oct 26, 2021Blá ör til hægriAmbassador Met With Chinese Premier Li Keqiang
Oct 25, 2021Blá ör til hægriThe Embassy attends the China Young Horse: Sherwood Grand Prix 2021 in Beijing
Oct 18, 2021Blá ör til hægriThe Embassy of Iceland and Visit Iceland participate in the China-ASEAN Tourism Exhibition in Guilin
Oct 15, 2021Blá ör til hægriAmbassador Visited the Icelandic Chinese Company
Oct 14, 2021Blá ör til hægriUN Biodiversity Conference and COP15 in Kunming, China
Oct 12, 2021Blá ör til hægriThe Nordic Wildlife Photo Exhibition Born to Be Wild
Sep 29, 2021Blá ör til hægriThe Nordic Ambassadors in Beijing meet with the United Nations Resident Coordinator in China
Sep 28, 2021Blá ör til hægriThe CO2 to Green Methanol Project Signing Ceremony
Sep 28, 2021Blá ör til hægriThe Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo 2021 in Guangzhou
Sep 27, 2021Blá ör til hægriAmbassador met with students of Icelandic at the Beijing Foreign Studies University
Sep 24, 2021Blá ör til hægriAmbassador's meeting with Assistant Foreign Minister of China
Sep 22, 2021Blá ör til hægriChina Quality Conference and Foreign Diplomats´ Visit to Zhejiang
Sep 14, 2021Blá ör til hægriAmbassador Met Virtually with Members of the Icelandic Business Forum
Sep 07, 2021Blá ör til hægriAmbassador´s meeting with the Department of Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China
Jul 20, 2021Blá ör til hægriInformation regards on Iceland Visa Application Centre restart
Feb 04, 2020Blá ör til hægriThe Embassy Operates with Restricted Services until 10 February
Feb 03, 2020Blá ör til hægriChanges on Visa Fees
Jan 29, 2020Blá ör til hægriIcelandic VACs closed until 3 February 2020
Nov 01, 2019Blá ör til hægriIcelandic Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture visits China
Oct 08, 2019Blá ör til hægriIcelandic Government Scholarship Open for Application
Sep 25, 2019Blá ör til hægriIcelandic salmon can now be imported to China
May 20, 2019Blá ör til hægriNew Icelandic Visa Application Center in Hangzhou, Nanjing and Fuzhou
Feb 20, 2019Blá ör til hægriJob Vacancy
Mar 02, 2018Blá ör til hægriThe visa office will be closed for the Spring Festival
Feb 07, 2018Blá ör til hægriScholarship for studies in China during 2018-19
Jan 24, 2018Blá ör til hægriNewly appointed Ambassador Gunnar Snorri presents a copy of credentials

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