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18.10.2019  -   Iceland Calls Financial Action Task Force ‘Grey List’ Decision Unwarranted and Disproportionate
10.10.2019  -   Iceland criticises the Turkish military offensive in Syria
09.10.2019  -   First joint meeting between the Arctic Council and the Arctic Economic Council
01.10.2019  -   Report of the working group on the EEA co-operation has been published
30.09.2019  -   Minister for Foreign Affairs addressed the UN General Assembly
23.09.2019  -   Minister for Foreign Affairs met with allies in the US Congress
11.07.2019  -   Iceland´s resolution on the situation in the Philippines approved in the UN Human Rights Council
28.06.2019  -   Trade dialogue with the United States
24.06.2019  -   Iceland supports campaign for equal rights of LGBTI+ people
20.06.2019  -   First meeting of Iceland's Arctic Council Chairmanship in Reykjanesbær
07.05.2019  -   Iceland assumes Chairmanship of the Arctic Council
13.04.2019  -   Icelandic authorities welcome decision to declare the wordmark “Iceland” invalid
22.03.2019  -   Joint understanding on the application of the third energy package towards Iceland
15.02.2019  -   US Secretary of State visited Iceland
08.02.2019  -   Agreement reached on citizens‘ rights in case of a no-deal Brexit
08.01.2019  -   Foreign Minister of Iceland met with US Secretary of State
06.04.2018  -   Absentee voting for local elections on May 26, 2018 has begun
26.03.2018  -   Iceland takes diplomatic measures against Russia
16.01.2018  -   Signing of a Tax Convention between Iceland and Japan
01.12.2017  -   Continues as Minister for Foreign Affairs
27.11.2017  -   Brexit and Iceland
22.11.2017  -   Strong agreement at bilateral dialogue between Iceland and the United Kingdom
18.10.2017  -   Iceland and Ireland co-chair the Missile Technology Control Regime
13.10.2017  -   Diplomatic relations between Iceland and Cook Islands
03.10.2017  -   Absentee voting abroad
18.09.2017  -   Restored honour vs. pardoning
04.09.2017  -   Sturla Sigurjonsson new Permanent Secretary of State
02.08.2017  -   Mutual interest in strengthening cooperation post Brexit
27.06.2017  -   EFTA Ministerial meeting - Communiqué
20.06.2017  -   Ministerial meeting of the Council of the Baltic Sea States concluded in Reykjavik
19.06.2017  -   Submarine surveillance exercise in Icelandic waters
04.05.2017  -   The most powerful tool we have to safeguard our interests
28.04.2017  -   Open Call for Nordic Projects
18.04.2017  -   Foreign Minister Thordarson meets with Foreign Secretary Johnson
12.04.2017  -   Barbershop at the Nordic house - Mobilizing Men and Boys for Gender Equality
30.03.2017  -   Foreign Minister and President meet with Russia's President Putin
27.02.2017  -   Future Outlook on Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region
16.02.2017  -   NATO members stand strong and united
31.01.2017  -   Icelandic Government expresses grave concerns
17.01.2017  -   Foreign Minister meets with residing Ambassadors
11.01.2017  -   New Foreign Minister takes office
02.12.2016  -   "Iceland" issue a matter of principle
24.11.2016  -   Legal action over the use of the word ‘Iceland'
23.11.2016  -   Iceland welcomes announcement by EFTA Surveillance Authority
31.10.2016  -   Results of 29 October parliamentary elections
24.10.2016  -   Iceland's women walkout to demand equal pay
27.09.2016  -   Iceland and Baltic States mark 25th anniversary of reestablishment of diplomatic relations
22.09.2016  -   UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ratified by Iceland
21.09.2016  -   Iceland ratifies the Paris Agreement
19.09.2016  -   The Arctic Council: A Forum for Peace and Cooperation
12.09.2016  -   Resolution for ratification of the Paris Agreement put forward to Parliament
08.09.2016  -   Parliament passes bill on National Security Council
02.08.2016  -   Guðni Th. Jóhannesson sworn in as President
25.07.2016  -   Situation in Turkey very serious
29.06.2016  -   Joint Declaration between Iceland and the United States on security and defense affairs
24.06.2016  -   Reactions to UK's decision to leave the EU
17.06.2016  -   Over 70 Foreign Ambassadors participated in the National Day celebrations
04.05.2016  -   Hrannar Pétursson Political Advisor to the Minister
18.04.2016  -   Parliament approves national security policy for Iceland
12.04.2016  -   Tax Information Exchange Agreement with UAE signed
08.04.2016  -   Iceland's new Minister for Foreign Affairs
04.04.2016  -   Re-Granting of Icelandic Citizenship
22.03.2016  -   A summary of Minister Sveinsson's report to Althingi
17.03.2016  -   Minister presents annual report on Foreign and International Affairs to Parliament
17.02.2016  -   Information sheet on fighting bribery
10.02.2016  -   No talks on permanent stationing in Keflavik
09.02.2016  -   Prime Minister Gunnlaugsson addresses the Supporting Syria & the Region conference in London
13.01.2016  -   Evaluation of political and economic interests
12.01.2016  -   ICEDIA's activities transferred to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs
08.12.2015  -   Utilisation of geothermal energy in Iceland and in East Africa
01.12.2015  -   Global Geothermal Alliance established
25.11.2015  -   Sixteen projects part of climate change action plan
14.11.2015  -   Foreign Minister condemns acts of terrorism in Paris
05.11.2015  -   Foreign Ministers of Iceland and Vietnam meet in Hanoi
23.10.2015  -   Land Restoration as a Response to Climate Change
12.10.2015  -   Nine Prime Ministers discuss creative industries and public sector innovation at Northern Future Forum in Reykjavik
05.10.2015  -   Foreign Minister welcomes UN Sustainable Develoment Goals 
23.09.2015  -   City Council withdraws motion on boycott on Israeli products
20.09.2015  -   Two billion ISK reserved for support to refugees and asylum seekers
20.09.2015  -   Government reiterates City Council's resolution is not in line with Iceland‘s foreign policy 
18.09.2015  -   City of Reykjavik's resolution not in line with Iceland‘s foreign policy
01.09.2015  -   New OECD survey on Iceland economy
13.08.2015  -   Government deeply regrets Russia's decision on import ban
23.07.2015  -   Due to “5-state consultation” on fishing in the Arctic Ocean
29.04.2015  -   New report on Gender Equality in the Arctic
27.04.2015  -   EU Presidency responds to Foreign Minister's letter
26.04.2015  -   Iceland offers humanitarian assistance to Nepal
17.04.2015  -   Minister Sveinsson meets with NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg
19.03.2015  -   Solid foundations of Iceland's foreign policy
18.03.2015  -   Foreign Minister reiterates that sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine must be respected
12.03.2015  -   Government considers Iceland no longer an EU candidate
02.02.2015  -   Humanitarian assistance to Malawi due to floods
09.01.2015  -   Barbershop Conference to rally men and boys to uphold gender equality
25.11.2014  -   Iceland concludes eight bilateral air services agreements
17.11.2014  -   Brazil, US on the agenda during EFTA Ministerial
13.11.2014  -   Iceland and Japan have much in common
10.11.2014  -   Improved equity and debt position of 56,000 households
31.10.2014  -   Stefán Haukur Jóhannesson new Permanent Secretary of State
07.10.2014  -   Iceland supports international measures against ISIS
07.10.2014  -   International conference on gender equality in the Arctic
02.10.2014  -   Iceland's guardians meet in Reykjavik
01.10.2014  -   Changing the discourse between men on gender equality
01.10.2014  -   Tómas H. Heiðar takes office at ITLOS
30.09.2014  -   International community must continue its fight against poverty and inequality
12.09.2014  -   Security situation in Europe discussed by Nordic-Baltic Foreign Ministers
11.09.2014  -   Iceland reinforces its participation in NATO
04.09.2014  -   Arctic Economic Council established
04.09.2014  -   Situation in Ukraine discussed at NATO summit
02.09.2014  -   Annual meeting of Hoyvik Council of Iceland and Faroe Islands
22.07.2014  -   Appeal to the UN Security Council to find a permanent solution in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict
22.07.2014  -   Foreign Minister allocates Emergency Aid for Gaza
18.07.2014  -   Statement on events in Ukraine 
15.07.2014  -   Minister Sveinsson meets with the President of Ukraine
11.07.2014  -   A report by Þórir Guðmundsson on development cooperation submitted
10.07.2014  -   Land restoration to be part of new UN development agenda
26.06.2014  -   Foreign Minister in China to promote trade
24.06.2014  -   Iceland Supports Ukrainian Peace Plan
11.06.2014  -   Tomas Heidar elected judge of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
10.06.2014  -   Increased cooperation between Iceland and Maine
03.06.2014  -   Foreign minister meets with Poland‘s  deputy prime minister
02.06.2014  -   Iceland‘s experience of land restoration can prove useful
30.05.2014  -   Free trade agreement between Iceland and China to enter into force on 1 July 2014
28.04.2014  -   Nordic Foreign Ministers meet in Iceland
09.04.2014  -   Overseas absentee voting for the Local Government Elections
26.03.2014  -   Minister Sveinsson meets with Norwegian Minister of EEA and EU Affairs
20.03.2014  -   Minister's report on Foreign Policy and International Affairs to Parliament
14.03.2014  -   Foreign Minister expresses concerns over illegitimate referendum in Crimea
13.03.2014  -   Serious concerns regarding how agreement on mackerel was reached
11.03.2014  -   The Icelandic Government's policy priorities on Europe
07.03.2014  -   Iceland participates in OSCE‘s mission to Ukraine
03.03.2014  -   Condemnation of military activity in Crimea 
25.02.2014  -   Parliamentary proposal on withdrawal of Iceland's EU application
24.02.2014  -   Foreign Minister deplores signing of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill
20.02.2014  -   Alarm at the situation in Ukraine
18.02.2014  -   Assessment of the status of EU accession negotiations
12.02.2014  -   Joint meeting of Nordic Foreign and Defence Ministers in Keflavík
30.01.2014  -   Parliament adopts Iceland-China Free Trade Agreement
28.01.2014  -   Cooperation with the Fulbright Commission in Arctic studies
08.01.2014  -   Nordic Playlist: The new path to Nordic music
08.01.2014  -   Nordic solidarity in a changing world
01.12.2013  -   Government Action Plan for Household Debt Relief
20.11.2013  -   EEA extended to Croatia
29.10.2013  -   Launch of Iceland‘s Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2014
18.10.2013  -   Statement by the Foreign Minister on enlargement
14.10.2013  -   Challenging policy question to seek balance between conservation and utilization in the Arctic
02.10.2013  -   Responsibility to ensure protection of human rights rests with politicians, says Minister at UNGA
26.09.2013  -   Foreign Minister on a new UN Development Framework
20.09.2013  -   Minister welcomes chair of NATO's Military Committee
19.09.2013  -   Foreign Minister discusses trade, security and the Arctic during Canada visit
17.09.2013  -   Foreign Minister welcomes agreement on the destruction of chemical weapons
12.09.2013  -   EU Membership application discussed in Parliament
11.09.2013  -   Iceland increases assistance to Syrian refugees
03.09.2013  -   International community must act on Syria
03.09.2013  -   Iceland Chairs Open Skies Consultative Commission
22.08.2013  -   The Government of Iceland deplores the loss of life and condemns all acts of violence in Egypt
16.08.2013  -   Statement by the Government of Iceland on EU threats against the Faroe Islands and Iceland 
02.07.2013  -   Ban Ki-moon visits Iceland, meets with Foreign Minister
02.07.2013  -   Iceland first country to ratify the UN Arms Trade Treaty
26.06.2013  -   Foreign Minister meets with German counterpart in Berlin
25.06.2013  -   Iceland to open Consulate General in Nuuk on 1 July
24.06.2013  -   Iceland elected to FAO Council 2014-2017
21.06.2013  -   Electronic publication: Gender Equality in Iceland's Development Cooperation and Iceland´s second NAP on implementing UNSCR 1325
20.06.2013  -   Minister Sveinsson meets with UK's Minister for Europe
13.06.2013  -   Minister Sveinsson meets with the NATO Secretary General
13.06.2013  -   Minister Sveinsson meets with Stefan Füle
04.06.2013  -   Embassy in Moscow takes over issuing of visas for Iceland
03.06.2013  -   Political Advisor to the Minister
23.05.2013  -   New Icelandic Government takes office
23.05.2013  -   New Minister for Foreign Affairs
20.05.2013  -   The Arctic States sign an agreement on Marine Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response
16.05.2013  -   Gender Equality Studies and Training Programme (GEST) Joins the UN University Network
30.04.2013  -   An Icelandic-Arctic Chamber of Commerce
15.04.2013  -   Iceland First European Country to Sign Free Trade Agreement with China
12.04.2013  -   Iceland to Join the NATO Cyber Defence Centre in Tallinn
27.03.2013  -   Estonia offers Iceland facilities in Beijing
20.03.2013  -   Minister announces contract for building Iceland's first platform supply vessel
19.03.2013  -   Observer applications reflecting Arctic Council strength
18.03.2013  -   Foreign Minister meets with Director of Polar institute of China
06.03.2013  -   Increased emphasis on cooperation with states and institutions on geothermal issues
05.03.2013  -   Foreign Minister and World Bank Managing Director discuss geothermal issues
19.02.2013  -   Increased emphasis on Arctic affairs within the Northern Dimension
19.02.2013  -   Foreign Ministers of Iceland and Lithuania meet
19.02.2013  -   Annual report on foreign and international affairs by the Minister for Foreign Affairs
12.02.2013  -   Launch of Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network and arrival of first Nansen Professor
07.02.2013  -   Letter of Credence presented in Phnom Penh
28.01.2013  -   Iceland welcomes acquittal in Icesave case 
23.01.2013  -   Minister Skarphéðinsson meets with Irish Minister for European Affairs
22.01.2013  -   Permanent Secretariat of Arctic Council established in Tromsoe
17.01.2013  -   Iceland supports humanitarian efforts in Syria
15.01.2013  -   Minister Skarphéðinsson meets Leona Aglukkaq, Canada‘s Minister of the Arctic Council
14.01.2013  -   Agreement on management of EU accession negotiations in the run-up to parliamentary elections
04.01.2013  -   Judgment in the Icesave court case due on January 28
20.12.2012  -   Iceland and Myanmar establish diplomatic relations
19.12.2012  -   Estonia's Foreign Minister visits Iceland
12.12.2012  -   Nordic and Baltic states welcome decision of opposition forces in Syria to join hands
05.12.2012  -   Workshop on arctic transportation infrastructure
03.12.2012  -   Foreign Minister welcomes UN majority support for Palestine‘s status as Non-Member Observer State
28.11.2012  -   Iceland to co-sponsor Palestine's bid to become UN Non-member Observer State
17.11.2012  -   Foreign Minister calls for immediate halt to Israeli and Hamas attacks
15.11.2012  -   Iceland´s trade policy is open and in line with international obligations
15.11.2012  -   Foreign Minister condemns Israeli attacks on Gaza
14.11.2012  -   Magnús Jóhannesson appointed as the first Director of the Arctic Council
14.11.2012  -   Minister signs cooperation agreement with UN Women National Committee
09.11.2012  -   Iceland is key partner in extensive development project on geothermal energy
06.11.2012  -   Air surveillance and Nordic solidarity
31.10.2012  -   Sweden and Finland confirm readiness to take part in air surveillance
24.10.2012  -   Minister Skarphéðinsson receives Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Titov
24.10.2012  -   2/3rd of negotiating chapters opened
22.10.2012  -   EU prepared for negotiations on Chapters 3 and 4
18.10.2012  -   North Africa Days
18.10.2012  -   Iceland supports World Bank publication on handbook on geothermal energy
15.10.2012  -   Opening benchmarks on agriculture and rural development fulfilled
12.10.2012  -   Negotiations concluded on international agreement on Arctic marine oil pollution preparedness and response
10.10.2012  -   Positive progress report on Iceland
09.10.2012  -   Preparation of international agreement on Arctic marine oil pollution preparedness and response
04.10.2012  -   Chief Negotiator of Montenegro meets with Foreign Minister
01.10.2012  -   Minister Skarphéðinsson addresses the UN General Assembly
28.09.2012  -   Statement in the EFTA Standing Committee and the EEA Joint Committee
28.09.2012  -   Commissioner Hahn discusses regional policy in Iceland
18.09.2012  -   The EFTA court hears oral arguments in the Icesave case
17.09.2012  -   Foreign Minister of Cyprus meets with Minister Skarphéðinsson
14.09.2012  -   Foreign Minister of Denmark visits Iceland
10.09.2012  -   The Arctic Council SAR agreement implemented in a live exercise
07.09.2012  -   Foreign Minister calls for greater political cooperation between the Arctic states
04.09.2012  -   The Foreign Minister meets with US Senator Murkowski
17.07.2012  -   Iceland Supports Stronger International Response to the Syrian Crisis
22.06.2012  -   Three chapters opened
21.06.2012  -   Permanent Secretary of State meets with the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
21.06.2012  -   Government of Iceland replies to the Statement in Intervention of the European Commission in the Icesave case
02.06.2012  -   Foreign Minister strongly condemns atrocities in Syria
16.05.2012  -   Norway and Liechtenstein support Iceland in the Icesave-case
11.05.2012  -   The Goverment of Iceland responds to the Reply to its Defence in the Icesave case
04.05.2012  -   Important issues discussed at the Nordic Foreign Ministers' meeting in Stavanger on 4 May 2012
02.05.2012  -   Iceland expresses concerns over proposed EU regulation on trade measures
30.04.2012  -   Minister presents annual report on foreign affairs
20.04.2012  -   Free trade talks discussed with Chinese Minstry of Commerce
13.04.2012  -   Icelandic Government observations on the European Commission's request to intervene in the Icesave case
02.04.2012  -   The Medium Term Debt Management Strategy 2012-2015
20.03.2012  -   Amendments to the Icelandic capital controls legislation on 13 March 2012
15.03.2012  -   A workshop on cooperation in geothermal issues
10.03.2012  -   Defence of the Government of Iceland in the Icesave case
09.03.2012  -   Increased cooperation on Arctic affairs between Iceland and France
06.03.2012  -   Foreign Minister Skarphéðinsson met with Danish Minister for European Affairs
27.02.2012  -   First meeting of the consultative group for Iceland‘s accession negotiations
24.02.2012  -   Statement on behalf of the Nordic and Baltic countries at the Friends of Syria conference in Tunis, 24th of February 2012
03.02.2012  -   A meeting of the Hoyvik Council in Reykjavik
27.01.2012  -   Cyprus supports Iceland's application
19.01.2012  -   Foreign Minister's official visit to Romania
18.01.2012  -   Ambassador Gudmundur Árni Stefánsson presented today the Letters of Credence to President Obama
11.01.2012  -   Tim Ward QC Instructed in the Icesave Case
31.12.2011  -   Cabinet reshuffle
15.12.2011  -   Iceland Recognizes Palestine
14.12.2011  -   Foreign minister meets with Palestinian counterpart Dr. Riad Malki
12.12.2011  -   Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs visits Iceland
12.12.2011  -   Quarter of the chapters closed in Iceland's Accession negotiations with the EU
09.12.2011  -   Icelandic and Chinese leaders hail 40 years of diplomatic relations
08.12.2011  -   Cooperation with the Icelandic Red Cross
25.01.2011  -   Screening meeting on Environment concluded
20.01.2011  -   Screening meeting on science and research concluded
20.01.2011  -   Screening meeting on education and culture concluded
21.12.2010  -   New Director General of the ICEIDA appointed
14.12.2010  -   Ambassador Kristin A. Arnadottir presents her credentials in Vietnam
10.12.2010  -   Screening meeting on Free movement of goods concluded
09.12.2010  -   Iceland's negotiating committee introduced it´s summary on Icesave
07.12.2010  -   Screening meeting on Competition policy concluded
03.12.2010  -   Study shows culture and creative industries as one of Iceland's biggest economic sectors
23.11.2010  -   Cooperation in advanced technology between Iceland and Japan
18.11.2010  -   Screening meeting on Information society and media concluded
17.11.2010  -   Screening meeting on Company law concluded 
15.11.2010  -   First screening meeting between Iceland and the EU
09.11.2010  -   EU issues Progress Report on Iceland
03.11.2010  -   Furthering Nordic cooperation in foreign affairs and security policy
02.11.2010  -   Foreign Minster meets with Russia's Foreign Minister
30.10.2010  -   Gender equality for a more peaceful world
29.10.2010  -   Japan-Iceland Geothermal Forum November 16 2010
22.10.2010  -   Over 400 graduates of the UN University Geothermal Training Programme
14.10.2010  -   Iceland and Canada sign an agreement on defense cooperation
14.10.2010  -   Össur Skarphéðinsson attends a NATO meeting of Ministers of Defence and of Foreign Affairs in Brussels
11.10.2010  -   Emphasis on Europe
05.10.2010  -   Foreign Minister Skarphedinsson addresses EU-Iceland Joint Parliamentary Committee
05.10.2010  -   Skarphedinsson meets with Foreign Minister Yeo
27.09.2010  -   Foreign Minister focuses on human rights, climate change and economy at UN General Assembly
23.09.2010  -   Minister encourages increased cooperation between Russia and NATO
20.09.2010  -   Visit of Slovak President and Foreign Minister to Iceland
17.08.2010  -   Icelandic government contributes aid to Pakistan
27.07.2010  -   Iceland EU accession negotiations formally opened
26.07.2010  -   Foreign Minister, Össur Skarphedinsson attends EU-Iceland Accession Conference
13.07.2010  -   Minister for Foreign Affairs visits China
09.07.2010  -   Skarphedinsson meets with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Hungary
07.07.2010  -   MEPs back Iceland's EU membership bid
07.07.2010  -   MEPs back Iceland's EU membership bid
07.07.2010  -   Icelandic Foreign Minister meets with his Croatian counterpart and president Josipovic
29.06.2010  -   Promote Iceland formally established
25.06.2010  -   EFTA Ministerial meeting: Free Trade Agreement signed with Ukraine
21.06.2010  -   Deputy Minister Titov of Russia meets Minister Skarphedinsson
21.06.2010  -   Professor Jagdish Bhagwati on the Climate Change Treaty
17.06.2010  -   European Council decides to open negotiations with Iceland
09.06.2010  -   He Guoqiang visits Iceland
02.06.2010  -   Icelanders get online for an invitiation to visit Iceland
31.05.2010  -   Iceland condemns Israeli raid on Gaza convoy
26.05.2010  -   Briefings about Iceland in eight European countries
14.05.2010  -   Annual report on foreign affairs
03.05.2010  -   10.000 visit the Icelandic Pavilion at EXPO 2010 each day
23.04.2010  -   The flight zone for Keflavik Airport is closed 23 April
23.04.2010  -   German Parliament approves opening accession talks with Iceland
21.04.2010  -   Information about the volcanic eruption in southern Iceland
21.04.2010  -   Information about the volcanic eruption in Southern Iceland
18.04.2010  -   Extension of Schengen visas due to airport closures
18.04.2010  -   Information for airline passengers due to the volcanic eruption
16.04.2010  -   Volcanic eruption in South Iceland
16.04.2010  -   Conference on EU´s Support for Regional Policy
16.04.2010  -   Volcanic eruption in South Iceland
15.04.2010  -   Second day of volcanic eruption under Eyjafjallajökull glacier
14.04.2010  -   Update on the new volcanic eruption in Southern Iceland
12.04.2010  -   Icelandic government welcomes investigative commission's report on collapse of Icelandic banks
10.04.2010  -   Condolences to the Polish people
07.04.2010  -   Absentee voting for Local Government Elections
30.03.2010  -   <STRONG>Icelandic Defence Law to be amended</STRONG>
22.03.2010  -   Situation report on the volcanic eruption in Southern Iceland
06.03.2010  -   Work continues on a mutually acceptable solution to Icesave
03.03.2010  -   Press centre set up for visiting journalists for Saturday's referendum
24.02.2010  -   Iceland and the United Nations University Sign Agreement on a Land Restoration Training Programme
24.02.2010  -   Iceland welcomes the opinion of the European Commission on Iceland's EU application
18.02.2010  -   Iceland protests a meeting of 5 Arctic Council member states in Canada
28.01.2010  -   Iceland tops Environmental Performance Index
27.01.2010  -   Out of country voting
19.01.2010  -   National referendum on 6 March
14.01.2010  -   Icelandic team rescues first earthquake-victims in Port-au-Prince
13.01.2010  -   Iceland offers to assist in evacuating foreign nationals from Haiti
13.01.2010  -   Iceland sends a search and rescue team to Haiti
13.01.2010  -   Icelandic search and rescue team among the first to Haiti
09.01.2010  -   Skarphedinsson and Moratinos: Icesave has no impact on EU's treatment of application
08.01.2010  -   National referendum to take place as soon as possible
06.01.2010  -   The Government of Iceland remains fully committed to honour Iceland's obligations
05.01.2010  -   The Government committed to the Economic Program
04.01.2010  -   The European Tree Trade Association's (EFTA's) 50th Anniversary
15.12.2009  -   Nordic Council of Ministers to hold Energy and climate day at Shanghai World EXPO 2010
08.12.2009  -   EFTA Surveillance Authority´s preliminary findings regarding a complaint concerning Iceland´s Emergency Act No 125/2008
04.11.2009  -   Iceland's negotiation committee appointed
02.11.2009  -   Foreign Minister appoints Chief negotiator
22.10.2009  -   The Icelandic Government submits answers to a Questionnaire from the European Commission
28.09.2009  -   Foreign Minister discusses economic crisis and climate change at UN General Assembly
26.09.2009  -   Icelandic Foreign Minister meets with British and Dutch counterparts
23.09.2009  -   Icelandic Foreign Minister meets with IMF chief
23.09.2009  -   Foreign Minister attending UN General Assembly
18.09.2009  -   Spanish Foreign Minister says Iceland has much to contribute in the EU
09.09.2009  -   EU questionnaire for Iceland made public
24.08.2009  -   Nordic and Baltic Foreign Ministers meet in Iceland
21.08.2009  -   Joint declaration of Nordic and Baltic Foreign Ministers
19.08.2009  -   NATO Secretary General visits Iceland
07.08.2009  -   Open debate in the Security Council on "Women and peace and security" and Security Council resolution 1820
29.07.2009  -   French Minister for European Affairs visits Iceland
27.07.2009  -   Skarphedinsson welcomes decision of EU Foreign Ministers
23.07.2009  -   Iceland submits formal EU application in Stockholm
23.07.2009  -   Lithuanian Parliament supports Iceland's EU application
22.07.2009  -   Foreign Ministers of Iceland and Sweden meet in Stockholm
17.07.2009  -   Iceland submits an application for accession to the EU
16.07.2009  -   Iceland's Parliament votes in favour of applying for EU membership
01.07.2009  -   The World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development
23.06.2009  -   Tenth Meeting of the United Nations Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea
23.06.2009  -   Energy, Efficiency, Energy Conservation and New and Renwable Sources of Energy
09.06.2009  -   Meeting of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Nordic Countries
08.06.2009  -   Nordic Foreign Ministers meet in Reykjavik
03.06.2009  -   Climate change and its possible security implications
02.06.2009  -   Foreign minister visits Malta, discusses EU
27.05.2009  -   A proposal for a parliamentary resolution on application for accession to the European Union
25.05.2009  -   Foreign Minister strongly condemns North Korea's nuclear test
22.05.2009  -   Icelandic Embassies will be point of contact for tourism related information
20.05.2009  -   Foreign Minister participates in the EEA Council meeting
15.05.2009  -   Iceland donates 5 million IKR in emergency relief in Sri Lanka
12.05.2009  -   Iceland responds to UK Treasury Select Committee&#39;s report in a letter to MPs
08.05.2009  -   Icelandic Foreign Minister makes a formal complaint on British PM's comments
27.04.2009  -   Icelandic Press Officer to join UNICEF in Sudan
17.04.2009  -   Iceland comments on EC proposals for restructuring of financial markets supervision in Europe
17.04.2009  -   Code of Conduct for the Foreign Service
16.04.2009  -   Iceland and Dominica to cooperate on geothermal energy
06.04.2009  -   NATO summit welcomes Iceland's initiative on the High North
06.04.2009  -   Iceland's Foreign Minister concerned regarding N-Korea's missile launch
06.04.2009  -   Iceland's FM and US President discuss geothermal energy
04.04.2009  -   UK Treasury Committe publishes report on failure of Icelandic Banks
02.04.2009  -   Foreign Minister attending NATO anniversary Summit
31.03.2009  -   Foreign Ministers of Iceland and UK meet in London
27.03.2009  -   Increased cooperation in promoting Iceland and Icelandic products
26.03.2009  -   Report on Nordic Development and Humanitarian Programmes
20.03.2009  -   Cooperation in the High North on the agenda during Defence Minister Gade's visit
13.03.2009  -   Absentee voting for Parliamentary elections begins
11.03.2009  -   A Risk Assessment for Iceland
12.02.2009  -   Foreign Ministers of Iceland and Albania meet
12.02.2009  -   Icelandic Foreign Minister interviewed by David Frost
12.02.2009  -   Iceland invites the OSCE to observe elections
10.02.2009  -   Stoltenberg Report presented to Nordic Foreign Ministers
02.02.2009  -   Political advisor to the Minister
02.02.2009  -   New Minister for Foreign Affairs
28.01.2009  -   Security Prospects in the High North
26.01.2009  -   Iceland's coalition government resigns
23.01.2009  -   Iceland's Foreign Minister returns
15.01.2009  -   U.S. and Iceland sign a Trade and Investment Cooperation Agreement
15.01.2009  -   Minister's absence extended
06.01.2009  -   Statement Concerning Legal Proceedings Against UK Authorities
03.01.2009  -   Minister's absence due to treatment
02.01.2009  -   Iceland&#39;s Foreign Minister supports IWC appeal of an immediate stop to military action in Gaza
19.12.2008  -   Respect for human rights must be reinstated in Zimbabwe
05.12.2008  -   Minister for Foreign Affaris addresses OSCE's Ministerial Council
03.12.2008  -   Convention on Cluster Munitions Signing Conference
03.12.2008  -   Iceland&#39;s Minister for Foreign Affairs signs the international convention banning cluster munitions in Norway
02.12.2008  -   New Rules on Foreign Exchange
20.11.2008  -   International Monetary Fund approves Iceland's request for a two year stand-by arrangement
18.11.2008  -   Letter of Intent to the IMF
17.11.2008  -   Agreed Guidelines Reached on Deposit Guarantees
07.11.2008  -   From the Central Bank of Iceland
03.11.2008  -   The Foreign Ministers of Iceland and Norway met in Iceland to discuss economic issues and sign an Agreement on hydrocarbon deposits
03.11.2008  -   Icelandic Chamber of Commerce: The Icelandic Economic Situation: Status Report - 24th October 2008
15.10.2008  -   Business as usual-From the Icelandic Tourist Board
15.10.2008  -   Meeting between the Ambassador of Iceland and representatives of the UK Local Government Authorities
14.10.2008  -   Information center for the public, businesses and the media
14.10.2008  -   The Prime Ministers Office Information Site
09.10.2008  -   Iceland&#39;s Ambassador to the UK meets high officials at Downing Street
07.10.2008  -   Act providing for special powers in exceptional financial Market circumstances
01.10.2008  -   The United Nations: the Nordic Experience
24.09.2008  -   African Women´s Forum
10.09.2008  -   Informal consultations on System-Wide Coherence - Gender Statement by Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland
01.09.2008  -   African Union conference focuses on Iceland and renewable energy
28.08.2008  -   Working Methods of the Security Council
21.07.2008  -   Children and Armed Conflict
17.07.2008  -   Third Biennial Meeting of States to Consider the Implementation of the Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in all its Aspects
03.07.2008  -   Substantive Session of the Economic and Social Council
20.06.2008  -   Open debate in the Security Council on Women, Peace and Security
18.06.2008  -   Small States - Emerging Power!
30.05.2008  -   US Secretary of State meets with Iceland's Minister for Foreign Affairs
22.05.2008  -   Special Meeting of the UN Economic and Social Council on Global Food Crisis
21.05.2008  -   Ellisif Tinna Vidisdottir appointed First Director of new Defence Agency
19.05.2008  -   United Nations System-wide Coherence
16.05.2008  -   High-Level Segment of the 16th Session of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development
05.05.2008  -   French Air Force in Iceland
02.05.2008  -   UN Security Council: Small arms and light weapons
30.04.2008  -   Towards a Common Understanding on Management Reform
30.04.2008  -   General debate of the United Nations Committee on Information during its 30th session
20.04.2008  -   Icelandic seeking strategic links with the Caribbean
08.04.2008  -   Address on Foreign Affairs to Parliament
04.04.2008  -   Recognizing the achievements, addressing the challenges and getting back on track to achieve the MDGs by 2015
01.04.2008  -   Minister Gísladóttir strengthens Iceland&#39;s development cooperation with Caribbean partners
31.03.2008  -   The Global Road Safety Crises
13.03.2008  -   The situation in Afghanistan
07.03.2008  -   Minister for Foreign Affairs discusses women, peace and security at women leaders working group
05.03.2008  -   The Government of Iceland formally recognizes Kosovo
04.03.2008  -   Nordic-Africa Foreign Ministers meetings in Gaborone, Botswana
29.02.2008  -   Iceland to recognize Kosovo's independence
28.02.2008  -   Minister for Foreign Affairs meets with UN Secretary General
25.02.2008  -   Iceland one of 24 United Nations Member States without a standing military
25.02.2008  -   Investing in women
13.02.2008  -   Climate Change
13.02.2008  -   Children and Armed Conflict
12.02.2008  -   Changed Security Environment - New Perspectives in Defence
08.02.2008  -   System-wide Coherence
31.01.2008  -   Iceland and the European single market
04.01.2008  -   The Nordic countries regret the decision by the Government of Sri Lanka to withdraw from the 2002 Ceasefire Agreement
17.12.2007  -   The Security Council
13.12.2007  -   High Level Conference on the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF)
12.12.2007  -   A World fit for Children
10.12.2007  -   Ocean and the Law of the Sea
03.12.2007  -   The Situation in the Middle East
29.11.2007  -   Civilians in Armed Conflict
19.11.2007  -   Strengthening of the coordination of humanitarian and disaster relief assistance of the United Nations
13.11.2007  -   Security Council reform
09.11.2007  -   Legal Status of the Arctic Ocean
08.11.2007  -   The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)
08.11.2007  -   Address on Foreign Affairs by Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir, Minister for Foreign Affairs
06.11.2007  -   Women in Development
05.11.2007  -   Groups of countries in special situations
05.11.2007  -   The Situation in Afghanistan
30.10.2007  -   Report of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
29.10.2007  -   Report on the work of the International Atomic Energy Agency
29.10.2007  -   Sustainable Development
25.10.2007  -   Proposed Programme Budget for the Biennium 2008-2009
23.10.2007  -   Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) Women, Peace and Security
18.10.2007  -   Promotion and the Protection of the Rights of Children
16.10.2007  -   Advancement of Women
14.10.2007  -   Icelandic companies in the Baltic Sea Region
10.10.2007  -   Measures to eliminate international terrorism
10.10.2007  -   The UN Peacebuilding Commission
09.10.2007  -   The First Committee of the UNGA
08.10.2007  -   Report of the Secretary-General on the work of the Organization
06.10.2007  -   An Alliance in Transformation - An Ally Transforming
04.10.2007  -   10th anniversary of the entry into force of the Chemical Weapons Convention
28.09.2007  -   New challenges - Solid cornerstones
27.09.2007  -   Nordic Ministers support Icelandic candidacy to the Security Council 2009-2010
07.09.2007  -   The first University Symposium opens in front of a packed audience
07.09.2007  -   Iceland's place in the Community of Nations
07.09.2007  -   International Cooperation in the 21st Century and the United Nations Security Council
06.09.2007  -   Iceland and Iraq: Focus on humanitarian affairs
14.08.2007  -   Icelandic Foreign Minister investigates the situation of Iraqi refugees in Jordan
13.08.2007  -   Iceland&#39;s Foreign Minister visits the Middle East
02.08.2007  -   Climate change as a global challenge
04.07.2007  -   Strengthening efforts to eradicate poverty and hunger, including through the global partnership for development
28.06.2007  -   Oceans and the Law of the Sea
25.06.2007  -   Natural resources and conflicts
13.06.2007  -   Council of the Baltic Sea States
24.05.2007  -   New Minister for Foreign Affairs
18.05.2007  -   The Icelandic-Italian Chamber of Commerce
10.05.2007  -   High Level Segment of the Fifteenth Session of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development
03.05.2007  -   Question of Equitable Representation on and increase in the Membership of the Security Council and Other Matters related to the Security Council
02.05.2007  -   General debate of the United Nations Committee on Information during its twenty-ninth session
17.04.2007  -   Energy, Security and Climate
17.04.2007  -   Follow-up to the outcome of the Millennium Summit: report of the Secretary General (A/61/836) [113]
16.04.2007  -   Iceland becomes a Non-African State Member to the African Union
10.04.2007  -   Nordic-African Foreign Ministers Meeting in Oslo
04.04.2007  -   Ministerial Visit to Uganda and South Africa
03.04.2007  -   Women's Projects in Uganda
02.04.2007  -   Conference on Human Rights
27.03.2007  -   Breaking the Ice
26.03.2007  -   Iceland Committed to Afghanistan
20.03.2007  -   The situation in Afghanistan
09.03.2007  -   Iceland and the Democratic Republic of Congo Establish Diplomatic Relations
08.03.2007  -   Iceland increases contribution to UNRWA
27.02.2007  -   Iceland Business Seminar in Capetown
21.02.2007  -   Helping to Reintegrate War-Affected Children
06.02.2007  -   UN Peacebuilding Commission
01.02.2007  -   International Seafood Trade: Challenges and Opportunities
18.01.2007  -   Security and Defence
15.12.2006  -   Kids help kids
11.12.2006  -   Security Council reform
28.11.2006  -   The situation in Afghanistan
16.11.2006  -   Address on Foreign Affairs by Valgerður Sverrisdóttir, Minister for Foreign Affairs
14.11.2006  -   United Nations University
08.11.2006  -   Groups of countries in special situations
03.11.2006  -   Report of the Economic and Social Council [42]
30.10.2006  -   Report of the International Atomic Energy Agency [81]
30.10.2006  -   Special Forum of the Committee on World Food Security
26.10.2006  -   The 5th Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Council in Salekhard, Russia
26.10.2006  -   Resolution 1325 (2000) Women, Peace and Security
25.10.2006  -   Sustainable development
20.10.2006  -   UN University Geothermal Training Programme
19.10.2006  -   International migration and development
18.10.2006  -   Sustainable Whaling
16.10.2006  -   Fight against Terrorism
16.10.2006  -   Rights of Children
11.10.2006  -   International Seminar on the Hydrogen Economy for Sustainable Development
11.10.2006  -   Meeting between the Foreign Minister and the President of the World Bank
11.10.2006  -   Icelandic contribution to United Nations Peacebuilding Fund
10.10.2006  -   Advancement of Women
02.10.2006  -   Report of the Secretary-General on the work of the Organization
28.09.2006  -   International Seminar on Hydrogen Economy for Sustainable Development
27.09.2006  -   Luncheon, Icelandic&ndash;American Chamber of Commerce, New York
26.09.2006  -   Foreign Minister of Iceland at the UN
15.09.2006  -   High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development
04.09.2006  -   North Meets North - Navigation and the Future of the Arctic
31.08.2006  -   The Polar Mediterranean - Change and Opportunities for the Countries of the Arctic Rim
20.07.2006  -   Reform of the Security Council
05.07.2006  -   Full and productive employment and decent work for all
03.07.2006  -   Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons
22.06.2006  -   Law of the Sea
15.06.2006  -   New Minister for Foreign Affairs
13.06.2006  -   Ecosystem Approaches and Oceans
08.05.2006  -   Sixth Consular Conference
08.05.2006  -   The UN Commission on Sustainable Development - SIDS Day
03.05.2006  -   The Key to Sustainable Development
02.05.2006  -   Improving access to reliable, affordable, economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally sound energy services
01.05.2006  -   Air Pollution/atmosphere and climate change
25.04.2006  -   General debate of the UN Committee on information
20.04.2006  -   Increase in the Membership of the Security Council
19.04.2006  -   60th GA: Informal consultation of the plenary on environment
06.04.2006  -   The importance of the UN for Iceland
06.04.2006  -   Report by Geir H. Haarde, Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade
31.03.2006  -   The EEA Agreement: Taking stock and looking to the future
29.03.2006  -   Icelandic Foreign Policy in a Changing World
15.03.2006  -   Adoption of the Resolution creating the Human Rights Council
14.03.2006  -   Open debate of the Security Council: The situation in Afghanistan
10.03.2006  -   Island i en globalisert verden
09.03.2006  -   The Launch of the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF)
28.02.2006  -   Address on Foreign Affairs to the Indian Council for World Affairs
13.02.2006  -   Iceland between Europe and the United States: Seizing new opportunities in a changing world
13.02.2006  -   Marine biological diversity
31.01.2006  -   International Conference on Afghanistan
26.01.2006  -   Oceans and Climate: A Policy Perspective
16.12.2005  -   World Trade Organization 6th Ministerial Conference
29.11.2005  -   Situation in Afghanistan
28.11.2005  -   Oceans and the Law of the Sea
17.11.2005  -   Report by Geir H. Haarde Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade
14.11.2005  -   Women in Development
10.11.2005  -   Reform of the Security Council
10.11.2005  -   Arctic Change and Policy Implications
02.11.2005  -   Sustainable development
27.10.2005  -   Women and peace and security
26.10.2005  -   The Global Road Safety Crisis
25.10.2005  -   Convention on Combating Desertification (CCD)
25.10.2005  -   Report of the Economic and Social Council
17.10.2005  -   Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Children
12.10.2005  -   Advancement of women
04.10.2005  -   Disarmament & International Security
29.09.2005  -   Report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the work of the Organization
27.09.2005  -   New Minister for Foreign Affairs
20.09.2005  -   60th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations
21.07.2005  -   Women and Development
11.07.2005  -   The Question of Equitable Representation on the Security Council
01.07.2005  -   The Millennium Development Goals
23.06.2005  -   Preparation for the 2005 Summit
22.06.2005  -   Nordic foreign ministers: Iraq needs our assistance
03.06.2005  -   Democracy and Human Rights: A Mission for NATO?
26.05.2005  -   Post-Conflict Peacebuilding
17.05.2005  -   Address by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, David Oddsson
03.05.2005  -   Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
29.04.2005  -   Address by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, David Oddsson, on foreign affairs to the Althing
27.04.2005  -   Strengthening the United Nations
21.04.2005  -   Freedom from fear
21.04.2005  -   Freedom from want
19.04.2005  -   The Report of the Secretary General
19.04.2005  -   General Debate of the UN Committee on Information
08.04.2005  -   Follow-up to the outcome of the Millenium Summit: report of the Secretary-General
24.02.2005  -   Graduation ceremony at the UNU Fisheries Training Programme
23.02.2005  -   Security Council on Children and armed conflict.
23.02.2005  -   Informal Plenary Session of the General Assembly on the report on the Millenium Project and the report of the High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change.
14.02.2005  -   Exchange of views on finding and recommendations of the United Nations Millenium Project
31.01.2005  -   Informal meeting of the plenary on the report of the High-Level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Changes
27.01.2005  -   The Foreign Policy Implications of Arctic Warming
19.01.2005  -   Strengthening of the coordination of humanitarian and disaster relief assistance of the United Nations, including special economic assistance
19.01.2005  -   The Icelandic Foreign Service - New Website
13.01.2005  -   Small Island Developing States
10.01.2005  -   South-East Asian Tsunami Disaster - Icelandic Relief Assistance
31.12.2004  -   At the end of the year
08.12.2004  -   UN General Assembly discusses situation in Afghanistan
06.12.2004  -   OSCE Ministerial Council in Sofia 2004
24.11.2004  -   Fourth Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting
22.11.2004  -   Millenium Development Goals: all countries must fulfill commitments
16.11.2004  -   United Nations University
16.11.2004  -   Oceans and the Law of the Sea
16.11.2004  -   Gender equality perspectives essential in the fight agains human traficking
11.11.2004  -   Address by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Davið Oddsson, on foreign affairs to the Althing
09.11.2004  -   Hydrogen use in an international context
02.11.2004  -   The importance of safeguarding human rights in the fight against terrorism
28.10.2004  -   The Security Council: Open debate on Resolution 1325 (2000) Women, peace and security
27.10.2004  -   UN Peacekeeping Operations
26.10.2004  -   Report of the ECOSOC - Millennium Development Goals
19.10.2004  -   59th Session of the UN General Assembly - Sustainable Development
19.10.2004  -   59th Session of the UN General Assembly - Questions relating to information
19.10.2004  -   59th Session of the UN General Assembly - The Fight Against Terrorism
18.10.2004  -   59th Session of the UN General Assembly - Protection of children from violence
13.10.2004  -   59th Session of the UN General Assembly - Women's Rights
07.10.2004  -   59th Session of the UN General Assembly - Report of the Secretary-General on the work of the Organizations
07.10.2004  -   General Debate of the First Committee of the 59th Session of the UN General Assembly
06.10.2004  -   The Arctic science - policy interface
25.09.2004  -   Statement at the UN General Assembly
23.09.2004  -   Achieving the MDGs in Africa: Paving the way for action in 2005 and beyond.
15.09.2004  -   Responding to the impacts of global change in the North
15.09.2004  -   New Minister for Foreign Affairs
03.09.2004  -   The Arctic is more than environment
26.08.2004  -   UN Discussion on Afghanistan
16.07.2004  -   Tobacco and health issues
30.06.2004  -   Conflict one of the greatest obstacles to development
09.06.2004  -   Iceland´s Ocean strategy introduced at the United Nations
08.06.2004  -   Need to limit scope of GMA
26.05.2004  -   Hydrogen in the service of sustainable development. The case for public outreach and education
21.05.2004  -   Iceland - U.S. Hydrogen Workshop
11.05.2004  -   The Situation in Kosovo
24.04.2004  -   Adaptation to Climate Change
16.04.2004  -   Promotion and protection of human rights
15.04.2004  -   Aid Volume and Effectiveness: The Challenge of the Millennium Development Goals
14.04.2004  -   Global Road Traffic Crisis
06.04.2004  -   Report on Foreign and International Affairs
06.04.2004  -   Rights of the Child
26.03.2004  -   Change of Command at U.S. Naval Air Station in Keflavik
17.03.2004  -   Speech delivered by H.E. Mr. Halldór Ásgrímsson </B><B>Minister for Foreign Affairs</B> to the European Parliament
03.03.2004  -   The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)
02.03.2004  -   Hydrogen use and the Arctic
06.02.2004  -   <STRONG>Needs Assessment for Liberia</STRONG>
04.02.2004  -   The Northern Dimension Action Plan: Arctic Council cooperation with the European Commission and Northern regional bodies.
02.02.2004  -   Arctic Council briefing to the Presidium of the Nordic Council, 2 February 2004
29.01.2004  -   Statement by Axel Nikulasson, Counsellor
22.01.2004  -   International Polar Year meeting in St. Petersburg 22 January 2004
16.01.2004  -   UNECE Regional Implementation Forum on Sustainable Development, Geneva 15 - 16 June 2004
10.12.2003  -   Fifty-fifth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
03.12.2003  -   General debate on contemporary humanitarian challenges and protecting human dignity
24.11.2003  -   Oceans and the Law of the Sea
13.11.2003  -   Speech by the Minster for Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Halldór Ásgrímsson, on Foreign Affairs
31.10.2003  -   Return or restitution of cultural property to the countries of origin
21.10.2003  -   Promotion and protection of the rights of children
20.10.2003  -   Arctic Marine Strategic Plan
17.10.2003  -   Question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and related matters
16.10.2003  -   Advancement of women
16.10.2003  -   Environment and sustainable development
10.10.2003  -   General Assembly Debate of the Follow-Up to the Outcome of the Millennium Summit and Report of the Secretary-General on the Work of the Organization
10.10.2003  -   General Debate of the First Committee of the Fifty-eight Session of the United Nations General Assembly
08.10.2003  -   Follow-up to the Outcome of the Millennium Summit and Report of the Secretary-General on the Work of the Organisation
07.10.2003  -   Question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and related matters
02.10.2003  -   World Climate Change Conference in Moscow
02.10.2003  -   OSCE Ministerial Council in Maastricht 2003
26.09.2003  -   Fifty-eight Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations
19.09.2003  -   Hydro-Energy and Sustainable Development: A Foreign Policy Perspective
16.09.2003  -   Future Directions of the Arctic Council
11.09.2003  -   The Fifth WTO Ministerial Conference - Cancun 10-14 September
02.09.2003  -   The Position of Small States in the 21st Century
20.08.2003  -   The Alaskan Arctic Ad Hoc Working Group - A Roundtable Discussion
16.06.2003  -   XXVI Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
11.06.2003  -   West Nordic Council Health Conference
02.06.2003  -   United Nations Open-ended Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea
02.06.2003  -   United Nations Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea
30.04.2003  -   Commission on Sustainable Development - 11th Session
28.04.2003  -   Opening Ceremony of the United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme
25.04.2003  -   Northern Forum 6th General Assembly - The Icelandic Chairmanship Program
24.04.2003  -   The Northern Dimension Environmental Co-operation in the Adjacent Areas
09.04.2003  -   Meeting of Senior Arctic Officials
26.03.2003  -   Open meeting of the Security Council on the situation between Iraq and Kuwait
20.03.2003  -   Arctic co-operation 12 years on: How successful?
20.03.2003  -   3rd World Water Forum
12.03.2003  -   International Round Table
11.03.2003  -   Open meeting of the Security Council on the situation between Iraq and Kuwait
10.03.2003  -   47th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women
07.03.2003  -   CBSS-CSO Special Session
03.03.2003  -   Transfer of responsibility of Slatina airport from Italy to Iceland
27.02.2003  -   Minister's Report to the Althing
25.02.2003  -   Committee on Fisheries - 25th Session
19.02.2003  -   Open debate of the Security Council on the situation between Iraq and Kuwait
14.02.2003  -   Did Kosovo Herald a New Era for NATO and the United Nations?
03.02.2003  -   UNEP Governing Council in Nairobi
06.12.2002  -   OSCE Ministerial Council
21.10.2002  -   Conference on the Northern Dimension
10.10.2002  -   Arctic Council 3rd Ministerial Meeting
17.09.2002  -   57th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations
28.08.2002  -   Northern Dimension and the Arctic Window
15.05.2002  -   Opening of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council Meeting in Reykjavík
14.05.2002  -   Opening of the North Atlantic Council Meeting in Reykjavík
07.05.2002  -   The Arctic Council
26.03.2002  -   Iceland and Sustainable Development
14.03.2002  -   Iceland's Transatlantic Dilemma
06.03.2002  -   11th Ministerial of the Council of Baltic Sea States
18.01.2002  -   The European Union Fisheries Policy
15.01.2002  -   The Impact of International Co-Operation on Sovereignty
13.12.2001  -   The 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees
29.11.2001  -   Report on Foreign Affairs to the Althing
12.11.2001  -   56th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations
02.11.2001  -   Safeguarding the Interests of Iceland in a Changing World
30.10.2001  -   China Fisheries Seafood Expo 2001
23.10.2001  -   Seminar on Software
22.10.2001  -   Seminar on Tourism
22.10.2001  -   Iceland Fair in Tokyo
05.10.2001  -   Business Dealings in Japan
01.10.2001  -   Responsible Fisheries in the Marine Ecosystem
03.09.2001  -   Icelandic Foreign Policy: Challenges and opportunities
25.08.2001  -   Diplomatic Relations between Iceland and Estonia
12.08.2001  -   Address to Members of the US House Committee on Natural Resources
04.05.2001  -   Iceland and Security in the North-Atlantic
29.03.2001  -   Foreign Affairs Address to the Althing
16.02.2001  -   Iceland-German Chamber of Commerce
14.11.2000  -   Report to the Althing
12.10.2000  -   EFTA Business Workshop in Reykjavík
15.09.2000  -   General Debate at the 55. Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations
05.09.2000  -   The SACLANT Symposium
13.04.2000  -   Address to the Althing
11.12.1999  -   Foreign Ministers´ Conference on the Northern Dimension
01.12.1999  -   WTO 3rd Ministerieal Conference
02.11.1999  -   Foreign Policy Address to the Althing
04.10.1999  -   04.10.1999 - Reykjavík, Iceland: Opening Speech at the Canada Days in Iceland
24.09.1999  -   The 54th Session of the United Nations General Assembly
21.09.1999  -   Council of Europe - Parliamentary Assembly
21.05.1999  -   Democratic Management of Cultural Diversity: the challenge for cultural policy.
19.05.1999  -   Meeting of Ministers' Deputies - Council of Europe
23.04.1999  -   Meeting of the North Atlantic Council
22.04.1999  -   Small Nations - Grand Alliance / Iceland: The Trans-Atlantic Bridge
12.04.1999  -   Meeting of the North Atlantic Council
27.03.1999  -   World Council of Whalers 1999 General Assembly
03.03.1999  -   The Kyoto Protocol
29.01.1999  -   The European Integration Process as seen from Iceland
29.01.1999  -   The Current Performance of the Icelandic Economy
08.12.1998  -   Meeting of the North Atlantic Council
08.12.1998  -   Meeting of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council
02.12.1998  -   OSCE Ministerial Meeting in Oslo
30.11.1998  -   EFTA Ministerial Meeting in Switzerland
25.11.1998  -   Defense and Security in a Changing World: Icelandic Viewpoints
25.11.1998  -   The Icelandic Economy: Performance and Prospects
07.11.1998  -   The Joint Annual Discussion of the World Bank
05.11.1998  -   Foreign Affairs Address to the Althing
05.10.1998  -   58th meeting of the Development Committee of the World Bank
25.09.1998  -   United Nations' General Assembly
08.07.1998  -   Substantive Session of the UN Economic and Social Council
24.06.1998  -   The Nordic Countries and the Cold War
18.06.1998  -   Conference of Ambassadors Accredited to Iceland
18.06.1998  -   The International Congress on the History of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic Region
14.06.1998  -   Official Visit to Lithuania
11.06.1998  -   Official Visit to Latvia
10.06.1998  -   Official Visit to Estonia
05.06.1998  -   Icelandic-Dutch Relations
17.04.1998  -   Meeting of the IBRD Development Committee of the World Bank
31.03.1998  -   Foreign Affairs Address to the Althing
23.01.1998  -   Iceland in Europe
19.01.1998  -   Fifth Ministerial Session of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council
06.11.1997  -   Address to the Althing
06.10.1997  -   Icelandic-French Relations
26.09.1997  -   General Debate at the 52nd Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations
22.09.1997  -   Meeting of the World Bank Development Committee in Hong Kong
16.09.1997  -   International Workshop on Rangeland Desertification
28.08.1997  -   The Economic Policy of the Icelandic Government and Support for Industrial Development
14.08.1997  -   Opening of an Art Exhibition by Ari Alexander Ergis Magnússon
14.08.1997  -   The Borges Foundation in Buenos Aires
03.06.1997  -   The Establishment of UN Fisheries Training Programme in Iceland
17.04.1997  -   Foreign Affairs Address to the Althing
05.04.1997  -   Meeting of the Standing Committee of the North Atlantic Assembly
01.03.1997  -   Economic and Political Perspectives
31.10.1996  -   Address to the Althing
27.09.1996  -   General Debate at the 51st Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations
28.08.1996  -   A Meeting of Korean Companies in Seoul/Pusan
23.04.1996  -   Address to the Althing
19.10.1995  -   Foreign Policy Address to the Althing
02.10.1995  -   Fourth Conference of Honorary Consuls of Iceland
23.08.1995  -   Meeting with Chinese Business Firms in Tianjin
15.05.1995  -   Icelandic Security Policy
Two Pillar System of the EEA Agreement discussed at a Seminar in Brussels
25 years since agreement reached on right to decide over your own body
Act on the freezing of funds and the designation of entities on a sanctions list in relation to terrorism financing and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction No 64/2019
Opening Address at the conference Brexit - Looking Forward
Foreign Service of Iceland Act, No. 39/1971
Act giving legal effect to the Defence Agreement between Iceland and the United States and on the legal status of US Forces and properties, No. 110/1951
Address at the conference Safety & Protection of Journalists II: Towards a Shared Solution
Speech at Reykjavík meeting with EU ambassadors
Opening Address at the seminar "Doing Business in the Arctic"
Iceland and the Arctic: Iceland´s Chairmanship in the Arctic Council 2019-2021
Opening address at Womenomics Barbershop conference
Statement at Womenomics Nordic Business Conference
Statement at 129th Session of the Committee of Ministers, Council of Europe
Presentation of the Icelandic Chairmanship Program
Statement at the 11th Arctic Council Ministerial meeting in Rovaniemi
Statement at the conference "10 Years On: Reassessing the Stoltenberg Report"
Doing Business in the Arctic
Statement at a World Bank Small States Ministerial roundtable
Statement at an establishing event of World Bank's Human Rights and Development Trust Fund
Speech at the 21st graduation ceremony of the UNU Fisheries Training Programme in Iceland
Opening address at the seminar "Women, Business and the Law 2019"
Statement at the Yemen pledging conference in Geneva
Statement at Human Rights Council on behalf of NB8-states
Iceland's statement at the 40th session of the Human Rights Council
Statement at a press conference on the occasion of the visit of US Secretary of State to Iceland
Address at the opening of the Maternity Wing and the Maternal and Child Health Centre of the Mangochi District Hospital
Iceland’s priorities in the Arctic Council
Keynote Speech at the Iceland-India Business Seminar, New Delhi
Keynote address at a seminar on Security Challenges in Northern Europe
Address at the 14th Annual NATO Conference on WMD Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation
Concluding remarks at the Arctic Circle Assembly
New Geo-Political Reality in the West Nordic Area
Introduction on Climate Change in Arctic Iceland
Statement at the OECD Barbershop Conference, engaging men for gender equality
Statement at the United Nations General Assembly General Debate
Statement at the Carbon Neutrality Coalition (CNC) Inaugural High-Level Meeting, New York
Statement at a High Level Event to mark 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, New York
A Call to Action to End Forced Labour, Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking - Statement by the Minister
Iceland-China relations will continue to strengthen
International Service for Human Rights Opinion: Human Rights Council membership - A responsibility we will not take lightly
Statement of Iceland at the 38th session of the Human Rights Council
Statement of Iceland on the Human Rights situation in the Philippines
Address at the Japanese Ocean Policy Research Institute (OPRI): “Sustainable Business in the Arctic”
Address at the Japan National Press Club
Keynote Address at the "Iceland Business Seminar" hosted by JETRO and Promote Iceland
Statement of Iceland on the Human Rights situation in Palestine
Annual report on foreign and international affairs
Address at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), Washington D.C.
Address at the seminar "Arctic Indigenous Peoples: A Dialogue and Perspectives on Common Concerns for Sustainable Societies."
Statement at the Brussels II Conference: Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region
Address at the Iceland Geothermal Conference in Harpa
Statement at the High-Level Meeting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace
Address at the United Nations Security Council: Open debate on Youth, Peace and Security
Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Gudlaugaur Thor Thordarson's statement during the High Level Segment of the 37th session of the Human Rights Council
National Security Council Act No. 98, 20 September 2016
Speech at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
Annual report on foreign and international affairs - The most powerful tool we have to safeguard our interests

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