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Labour Market and Employment
Act on the Free Right to Employment and Residence within the European Economic Area, No. 105/2014
Welfare Appeals Committee Act, No. 85/2015
Unemployment Insurance Act, No. 54/2006
Act on Maternity/Paternity Leave and Parental Leave, No. 95/2000
Act on Workplace ID Cards and Workplace Inspection, No. 42/2010
Act on European Works Councils in Undertakings, No. 61/1999
Act on Equal Status and Equal Rights of Women and Men, No. 10/2008
Act on Information and Consultation in Undertakings, No. 151/2006
Wage Guarantee Fund Act, No. 88/2003
Labour Market Measures Act, No. 55/2006
Regulation on Foreign Nationals' Right to Work, No. 339/2005
Prohibition on Termination of Employment due to Family Responsibilities Act, No. 27/2000
Holiday Allowance Act, No. 30/1987
Act on Posted Workers and the Obligations of Foreign Service-Providers No. 45/2007
Act on payments to parents of chronically ill or severely disabled children, No. 22/2006
Act on Temporary-Work Agencies, No. 139/2005
Act on Working Environment, Health and Safety in Workplaces, No. 46/1980
Foreign Nationals' Right to Work Act, No. 97/2002
Act Respecting Labourers' Right to Advance Notice of Termination of Employment and to Wages on Account of Absence through Illness and Accidents, No. 19/1979
Act on Working Terms and Pension Rights Insurance, No. 55/1980
Multi-Owner Buildings Act, No. 26/1994
Regulation regarding the Work of Children and Adolescents, No. 426/1999
Act on Trade Unions and Industrial Disputes, No. 80/1938

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