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26.03.2019  -   Jewish Holocaust survivor visits Iceland
18.12.2018  -   Iceland tops the WEF Global Gender Gap Index for the consecutive tenth year
23.08.2018  -   Care Quality Inspectorate for Social Services and Child Protection
13.03.2018  -   Educational attainment of women and men differs by region
13.03.2018  -   The leaflet Women and Men in Iceland 2018
07.03.2018  -   The gender pay gap narrows
30.01.2018  -   Questions and Answers on equal pay certification
04.01.2018  -   New Icelandic law on Equal Pay Certification entered into force on January 1, 2018
06.05.2016  -   The Nordic Welfare Watch Final Conference
07.04.2016  -   Workshop: Volunteer Organizations in Disaster at the Nordic House on April 25th 2016
09.02.2016  -   Kick off in Turku/Åbo for the Finnish Presidency and a great drive for Nordic cross-sector cooperation
26.01.2016  -   Official website for Welfare consequences of financial crises
02.10.2015  -   NEEDS - The First Northern European Conference on Emergency and Disaster Studies - December 9-11, 2015
02.10.2015  -   12th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion. September 18-21, 2016
11.09.2015  -   Welfare risk  – how to react to crises?
12.08.2015  -   Public lecture: Danish Disasters!
04.06.2015  -   Social Services in Times of Disaster - Multidisciplinary Nordic Symposium
24.03.2015  -   Registration for the Nordic Symposium open until March 31 
17.03.2015  -   Social Services in times of Disaster, May 4-5 2015
04.07.2013  -   Brochure on domestic violence
16.04.2013  -   Reykjavik rising: Public Service Review: Europe - Issue 25
25.01.2012  -   Parliamentary resolution on a four year gender equality action programme
24.10.2011  -   First steps - Important information for citizens moving to Iceland
17.11.2010  -   The labour market in October 2010
05.03.2010  -   Forecast 2010
20.01.2010  -   Unemployment 8.2% in December 2009
11.12.2009  -   The Development Fund for Immigration Issues is open for application for the year 2009
10.12.2009  -   Unemployment 8% in November
24.11.2009  -   The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
12.11.2009  -   The Financial Crisis, the Property Market and Home Ownership
11.11.2009  -   The labour market in October 2009
10.11.2009  -   Lets Talk
03.11.2009  -   Reconciliation of work and family life - Transnational report
28.10.2009  -   A survey of the attitudes and conditions of immigrants in Iceland
12.10.2009  -   The labour market in September 2009
30.09.2009  -   Payment slips in electronic form
21.11.2007  -   Parliamentary Resolution on an action plan to improve the situation of children and young persons has been translated into English
04.07.2006  -   Effects of Changes to the Free Right to Employment and Residence Act
06.04.2006  -   Free movement of EEA workers to Iceland
06.10.2005  -   Voting rights of foreign nationals in referendums on merging of local authorities
Regulation on the certification of equal pay systems of companies and institutions according to the ÍST 85 Standard - No. 1030 of 13 November 2017
The final report of the Nordic Welfare Watch
Immigrant Affairs Act, No. 116/2012
Public Rental Dwellings Act, No. 52/2016
Housing Cooperatives Act, No. 66/2003
Housing Benefit Act No. 75/2016
Act on the Free Right to Employment and Residence within the European Economic Area, No. 105/2014
Welfare Appeals Committee Act, No. 85/2015
Assessment of the Work of the Welfare Watch
Unemployment Insurance Act, No. 54/2006
Act on the Protection of the Rights of Disabled Persons, No. 88/2011
Act on Maternity/Paternity Leave and Parental Leave, No. 95/2000
Plan of Action on Gender Equality Regarding Wages
The Well-being Watch's Report on Basic Services and Streamlining Measures in Times of Recession
Parliamentary Resolution on a Plan of Action on Disabled Persons' Affairs until 2014
Male Violence against Women in Intimate Relationships in Iceland
Interim Report by the collaborative groupmonitoring welfarein the Suðurnes region
The Social Security Act, No. 100/2007
Social Assistance Act, No. 99/2007
Your rights - Important information for foreign women in Iceland
The Ombudsman for Debtors Act, No. 100/2010
Act on Workplace ID Cards and Workplace Inspection, No. 42/2010
Act on European Works Councils in Undertakings, No. 61/1999
The Welfare Watch - Report to the Althingi 2010
Women and Men in Iceland 2009
Parental leave, Care Policies and Gender Equalities in the Nordic Countries
Action Plan against Trafficking in Human Beings
Act on Equal Status and Equal Rights of Women and Men, No. 10/2008
Women and Men in Iceland 2008
Rent Benefit Booklet, version 11, 2008
Act on Information and Consultation in Undertakings, No. 151/2006
Municipalities' Social Services Act, No. 40/1991
Housing Act, No. 44/1998
Wage Guarantee Fund Act, No. 88/2003
Women and Men in Iceland 2007
Parliamentary Resolution on a four-year action plan to improve the situation of children and young persons
Labour Market Measures Act, No. 55/2006
Parental Leave in Iceland – Bringing the Fathers in
Regulation on Foreign Nationals' Right to Work, No. 339/2005
Prohibition on Termination of Employment due to Family Responsibilities Act, No. 27/2000
Holiday Allowance Act, No. 30/1987
Act on Posted Workers and the Obligations of Foreign Service-Providers No. 45/2007
The Government Policy on the Integration of Immigrants
Act on payments to parents of chronically ill or severely disabled children, No. 22/2006
Plan of Action to deal with Domestic and Sexual Violence
Act on Temporary-Work Agencies, No. 139/2005
Regulation on the Finances and Risk Management of the Housing Financing Fund, No. 544/2004
Local democracy in Iceland - situation in 2005
Act on Working Environment, Health and Safety in Workplaces, No. 46/1980
Foreign Nationals' Right to Work Act, No. 97/2002
Act Respecting Labourers' Right to Advance Notice of Termination of Employment and to Wages on Account of Absence through Illness and Accidents, No. 19/1979
Child Protection Act, No. 80/2002
Act on Working Terms and Pension Rights Insurance, No. 55/1980
Multi-Owner Buildings Act, No. 26/1994
Rent Act, No. 36/1994
Regulation regarding the Work of Children and Adolescents, No. 426/1999
Act on Trade Unions and Industrial Disputes, No. 80/1938

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