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Consulate General of Iceland in New York

Iceland in New York

Welcome! Thank you for looking into the site of the Consulate General of Iceland in New York. 

What do we do? Well, we are about trade, investment, cultural dialogue, and assistance to Icelandic citizens.

Based in New York, the economic and financial hub of the US and working together with Business Iceland, we help Icelandic companies find partners and networks which can establish and grow their presence in the US market.  We also work to help US investors seek opportunities in Iceland, where there is a vibrant start-up culture, as well as long-established industries. Iceland has abundant renewable energy, a young and well-educated workforce and a stable democratic society.

And of course, we have been happy to point out the attractions of Iceland as a tourist destination, just 5 hours flight from the Eastern coast of the North American continent. 

The Consulate, together with the Embassies of Iceland in Washington and Ottawa, promotes Iceland’s profile in the US and Canada by supporting and show-casing Icelandic creative industries, from visual artists to film makers and from musicians to designers and architects. We work closely with the other Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, to promote our shared heritage.

And we work to assist Icelandic citizens in NY, NJ, CT and RI and to maintain the strong network of Icelanders in North America together with the Embassy in Washington. 

Whether you are an Icelander, an American, a Canadian or resident in North America, I hope you will find the information you need on this website or on our social media platforms. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions by clicking the 'more' option for our contact details. 


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