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Promoting Icelandic culture is an importing task of the Consulate General of Iceland in New York. It works closely with the American Scandinavian Foundation and other Icelandic and American cultural institutions. New York is the cultural capital of the world, attracting many talented Icelanders, both to study and to perform their art. The Consulate General also works closely with various cultural institutions in Iceland in promoting cultural events in Iceland.

The Nordic countries, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, co-operate closely in promoting Nordic culture in New York.

The Icelandic Society of New York was founded 6 June 2006. This is a venue for Icelanders and other people interested in Iceland and its culture to get together and meet. For further information about the Icelandic Society of New York call 646 282 9360 or [email protected]

The Center for Icelandic Art (CIA.IS) is the platform for Icelandic visual art activities. CIA.IS promotes Icelandic art by connecting the local visual art community with the international artnetwork. CIA.IS enforces national and international collaborations in order to improve opportunities for Icelandic artists in their homecountry and to increase their visibility abroad. The CIA.IS was founded in 2005 and is located in Reykjavík www.cia.is

IMX, an exciting new government sponsored initiative aims to bring together the disparate strands of Iceland’s eclectic scene under one roof. By increasing access to information about artists, collaborating with companies to promote Icelandic music abroad and organizing marketing strategies, festival and event participation, IMX will increase the visibility of Icelandic music in the international sphere, and provide an essential one-stop resource for all interested parties www.icelandmusic.is

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