Hoppa yfir valmynd
Embassy of Iceland in Copenhagen

Icelandic Exhibitions on 3daysofdesign

On the occasion of the 100 years’ jubilee of the sovereignty of Iceland, the Icelandic Embassy in
Copenhagen in collaboration with the Iceland Design Centre present two Icelandic design
exhibitions during 3daysofdesign.

A Flag for a New Nation

Ambassador Benedikt Jónsson is pleased to host the exhibition “A Flag for a New Nation” at
the Embassy at the Northatlantic House.

In 1914, Iceland’s flag committee offered the general public to propose ideas for a new national
flag. The fascinating designs submitted, mostly in writing, were recently brought to life by the
graphic designer Hörður Lárusson and published in the book The Flag. The illustrations are
based on the descriptions, some added research and a dash of the designer’s imagination.
The exhibition shows a selection of the submitted designs including an unconventional proposal
by Iceland’s most celebrated painter Kjarval. A highlight of the exhibition is a never-before- seen
flag designed by descriptions, just recently discovered, written by the Royal Highness King
Christian X of Denmark.

A flag is the most symbolic expression of a country’s identity, and this exhibition gives an insight
into how everyone from citizens to a king attempted to represent the character of a nation
through design.

The Ambassador of Iceland, Mr. Benedikt Jónsson has the honour to invite you to the opening
on Wednesday 23. May at 16.30-18.30.

The exhibition takes place at the Icelandic Embassy, Strandgade 89, 1401 Copenhagen.


For more than 75 years, Illums Bolighus has honoured and promoted Nordic design. During
3daysofdesign, Illums Bolihgus turns its radar towards Iceland, an emerging member of the
Nordic design scene. At the exhibition, an assortment of contemporary design items fresh out of
Iceland is displayed, including FÓLK, Erla Sólveig Óskarsdóttir, AGUSTAV, Ragna
Ragnarsdottir, MARÝ, Bjarni Sigurdsson Ceramics, SKATA, Dögg Design, Berlinord, ANNA
THORUNN, Fuzzy, FÆRID, Bryndís Bolladóttir, Thorunn Arnadottir and Kjartan Oskarsson.

The event is a collaboration between Illums Bolighus, Iceland Design Centre and the Embassy of
Iceland in Copenhagen.

Join us for the opening on Thursday, 24. May at 15.00-18.00, where we give a proper toast to
Icelandic design.

The exhibition takes place at Illums Bolighus, Amagertorv.

More information on the exhibitions and assistance for contact to exhibiting desingers:
Sara Jónsdóttir
Iceland Design Centre, [email protected], +354 6916993


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