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Landsvirkjun to Provide Power for New Data Center in Iceland Owned by a Subsidiary of Etix Everywhere Borealis

Etix Everywhere Borealis is part of Iceland’s fast-growing data industry and its subsidiary, Etix Everywhere Iceland, will become Landsvirkjun's third client in the industry. Etix Everywhere Borealis has expanded its operations rapidly: it already operates a data center in Reykjanesbær in the south of Iceland and the Blönduós facility will be the largest data center the company is involved with on the island. The company currently offers “competitive solutions for HPC and Blockchain infrastructure," and will eventually also offer total hosting capacity of about 30,000 servers, thanks to its wholly or partly-owned data centers.

A combination of renewable energy resources, competitive terms and the Icelandic climate contribute to creating favorable conditions for data centers in Iceland. Natural cooling means that equipment cooling costs are minimal and operating the centers is therefore more efficient in Iceland than it would be elsewhere.

The energy covered by the agreement will be delivered from Landsvirkjun's current power station network. Landsvirkjun has recently opened a new geothermal station in Þeistareykir in the Northeast of Iceland and a second hydropower station in Búrfell (Búrfell II) in South Iceland. The company now operates 15 hydropower stations, three geothermal stations and two wind turbines. The ratification of the contract is subject to certain conditions.

Hörður Arnarson, CEO at Landsvirkjun:

“Demand for energy from Landsvirkjun, generated from renewable, natural resources continues to grow and we look forward to inviting another flourishing company to our already well-established group of international customers. The agreement confirms Iceland's competitiveness in the global electricity market, reinforcing Landsvirkjun’s operations and supporting the growth of industry in Iceland.”

Björn Brynjúlfsson, CEO at Etix Everywhere Borealis:

"We are in the process of developing a new generation of data centers, utilising Icelandic environmental conditions and our own expertise in the design and development of data solutions. The development of the Blönduós project is a purposeful step in reducing our customers' environmental footprint and the power terms in the contract allow for substantial expansion.”

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About Etix Everywhere Borealis

Etix Everywhere Iceland is a wholly owned subsidiary of Etix Everywhere Borealis, the majority of which is owned by Etix Everywhere Ltd. The company offers data centre solutions and services worldwide, including eco-friendly solutions in Iceland with centres located between the European and US markets.

About Landsvirkjun

Landsvirkjun is Iceland‘s largest energy company and produces electricity solely from renewable energy resources; hydroelectric, geothermal and wind energy. The company offers long-term agreements at competitive prices. Iceland is an ideal location for data centers with a growing number of companies choosing to leverage the cool North Atlantic climate, unparalleled power security, world-class infrastructure, business friendly environment and great connectivity to build a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing market. Visit www.landsvirkjun.com to learn more.

About Etix Everywhere

Etix Everywhere specializes in the construction and operation of scalable data centers and cable landing stations. Headquartered in Luxembourg, the company builds turnkey projects for large customers and also develops its own network of data centers in which neutral colocation services are provided. For more information, visit www.etixeverywhere.com. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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