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Embassy of Iceland in Washington DC

Gender Equity - Equal Pay - How do we get there?

On April 10 the Embassy of Iceland together with The Institute for Education and its founder and CEO, Coach Kathy Kemper, organised a discussion on Gender Equity – Equal Pay – How do we get there?

Ambassador Geir H. Haarde opened up the evening and Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Hreinn Palsson moderated the discussion. The panel consisted of experts from the US and from Iceland with backgrounds in the private sector, media, education, tech indusrty and human resources management.

The discussions centered around what needs to be done to advance gender equality and factors that will help close the pay gap still exciting between men and women, covering subjects such as culture, society, genes, education, breaking gender stereotypes and the importance of sharing the care of children.

The panelists were:

  • Margét Pála Ólafsdóttir, Icelandic pioneer pedagogue, educator, philanthropist and founder of Hjalli method of separating boys and gilds early in their education.
  • Drífa Sigurðardóttir, human resource consultant with extensive knowledge on gender equality and wage issues
  • Shane Green, CEO of digi.me and co-founder of UBDI income, which both focus on individual empowerment through data
  • Nina Easton, author, journalist and co-founder of SellersEaston, a company that preserves the stories of leadership and impact.
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