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UN adopts Iceland's proposal to declare International Equal Pay Day

Helen S. von Ernst, Second Secretary of the Permanent Mission of Iceland - mynd

A resolution on International Equal Pay Day was today adopted by consensus in the Third Committee (Human Rights) of the General Assembly. Iceland, Australia, Canada, Germany, Panama, New Zealand, South Africa and Switzerland, all members of the Equal Pay International Coalition, joined in presenting the resolution, which received a broad support of 105 countries co-sponsoring the resolution.

„Iceland is a strong advocate of gender equality and equal pay internationally, in line with the Government’s commitments both at home and abroad. The fact that member states of the United Nations decide to raise awareness on the importance of equal pay is a milestone achievement,“ says Foreign Minister Gudlaugur Thor. „International days like these have proven their worth and served to highlight important issues amongst the general public and governments around the world, and we hope this International Equal Pay day will also be successful in this regard.“

The resolution is new and establishes September 18th as International Equal Pay Day to be observed each year. The International Equal Pay Day will highlight progress achieved and further support equal pay for work of equal value, as outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals.

The resolution follows the resolution on Equal Pay, presented by the same group of countries, that was adopted by consensus during the 41st session of the Human Rights Council in July.

Statement by Helen S. von Ernst, Second Secretary.


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