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Embassy of Iceland in New Delhi

Icelandic visa application centres closed due to entry restrictions

Due to the current entry restrictions to Iceland, all Icelandic visa application centres are closed. Applicants who have handed in their visa application prior to 20 March 2020 will have their case processed. For more information visit the website of the relevant Icelandic mission. Iceland will continue to receive applications for Residence Permits.

  • Notice: In view of the current situation on Corona virus, the government announced a country lockdown, all workplaces will remain closed till 14 April 2020.

Entry restrictions to Iceland

The Icelandic Government has implemented restrictions on entry to Iceland due to the Corona virus/COVID-19.The only exceptions are foreign travellers who have a valid visa AND a worthy purpose for entering. Worthy purposes include travellers who are either parents or primary caretakers (e.g. foster parents) of minors residing in Iceland, visits to critically ill family members, persons who are in the process of a medical treatment in Iceland, persons who are attending a funeral in Iceland, and persons who will be part of a court case in Iceland.

Ordinary tourist visits, family visits and business travel are not considered worthy travel purposes. Case processing times may be extended. For more information please visit the website for information from the Icelandic authorities.


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