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Embassy of Iceland in Washington DC

Consular Conference in the United States

The Embassy of Iceland in Washington hosted a Consular Conference for the Honorary Consuls of Iceland in the United States on Wednesday, June 3rd. The conference was held virtually with over twenty consuls from across the United States as well as the staff of the Embassy, the Consulate General in New York and the Consular team of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland. 

The main purpose of the consular conference was to update our Honorary Consuls on current consular work, upcoming elections, priorities, and daily work of the Embassy, as well as giving an update on the economic and political situation in Iceland. This year emphasis was on the current situation in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, giving updates on the situation in Iceland, the testing and tracing strategy and the opening up of the Icelandic borders. The Consuls gave an update on the Covid-19 in their respective states as well as on the ongoing situation with the protests taking place across the country.

Ambassador Bergdís Ellertsdóttir thanked the Consuls for all their hard work during these uprecedented times.

„Our Honorary Consuls are an essential part of our work in promoting Icelandic interest and bilateral relations with the United State and we are grateful for their services“ said the Ambassador.

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