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Statement by Iceland on the recent attack on the offices of LGBTI organizations in Tbilisi

Council of Europe, Committee of Ministers, 1409th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies. Statement delivered by Ambassador Ragnhildur Arnljótsdóttir.

Mr. Chair,

The recent attack on the offices of LGBTI organizations in Tbilisi and attacks on civic activists, community members and journalists that have led to the cancelling of the Pride Parade – the March of Dignity - in Georgia are deeply troubling and we stand in solidarity with the LGBTI persons in Georgia.  

We ask the Government of Georgia and religious leaders to do the same by condemning these heinous acts of violence. The right to participate in peaceful gatherings is a human right and violence must be called out for what it is – unacceptable and inexcusable. Moreover, Georgian government authorities must immediately safeguard the fundamental rights of all its citizens – without exception - and fight against homophobic sentiments. Those responsible for these vicious attacks must be brought to justice without delay.

Mr. Chair,

Let’s all come together to ensure equal rights for LGBTI persons, in Georgia and everywhere, and let’s ensure that the iconic rainbow Pride flag – the enduring symbol of pride and support for LGBTI persons and for the beautiful diversity of the LGBTI community – is not torn down or destroyed but flown high with pride!


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