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The Chairman & the Advisory board of the Indo Icelandic Business Association hosted a farewell dinner for Chargé d´Affaires

The Chairman of the Indo Icelandic Business Association, Mr Prasoon Dewan, hosted a dinner for the Advisory Board of the IIBA to discuss Board issues and say goodbye to Mrs Kristín Eva Sigurðardóttir who is leaving her post as Chargé d´Affaires of the Embassy for the MFA in Reykjavík. Mr Dewan also welcome the Ambassador designate, Mr Guðni Bragason. 

The new Ambassador introduced the long term goals of the MFA and Business Iceland and the emphasis on six sectors: 1. Energy & Green Solutions, 2. Innovation, 3. Creative Industries, 4. Tourism, 5. Fisheries, and 6. Food & Natural Products. He thanked the IIBA for the valuable contribution to the trade relations between the two countries. 
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