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Iceland and India share emphasis on planting trees for the environment.

Tree Plantation by Ambassador Gudni Bragason - mynd

Iceland and India have the same goals and ideals in their approach to the environment, said  Ambassador Guðni Bragason in his address at a tree planting ceremony instigated by the Oorja Foundation, whose founder is Mrs Deepti Rawat Bhardwaj, former Minister of State for Higher Education and National General Secretary of the Women´s Front of the BJP. The Ambassador mentioned in his speech the importance Icelanders attach to land restoration and forestry through among the oldest national agencies in those fields in Europe He mentioned the work of former President Vigdís Finnbogadóttir who was not only pioneer in tree planting, but a champion for women´s rights and political engagement. Ambassador Bragason mentioned also Iceland´s development cooperation through the UNESCO Training Programmes for land restoration and gender issues. The event was co-organized by the chairman of the Indo-Icelandic Business Association, Mr Prasoon Dewan, and attended among others by Mr Trivendra Singh Rawat, the former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand.

Speech by the Ambassador- tree planting

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