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Visit to Bengaluru - Ambassador Guðni Bragason visited the office of Marel India Pvt. Ltd & Reply Impex

Ambassador Gudni Bragason Visit to Marel , Bangalore - mynd

Ambassador Guðni Bragason visited the offices of Marel India Pvt Ltd & Reply Impex in Bengaluru on 23. November 2021. Marel is the largest company registered on the Nasdaq Stock Market in Reykjavík with more than 6000 employees in 30 countries. Marel produces software, machinery and equipment for the processing of poultry, fish and meat. The Ambassador had discussions with Mr Jose Martin Xaviers, Regional General Manager of Marel India, and visited also the Bengaluru offices of Reply Seafood, that exports seafood from Iceland to India. During the visit to Bengaluru the Ambassador addressed a working dinner from the business community  people, given by Mr  Xaviers and Mr Siddharth Swaminathan, Director of Reply Seafood and her associate Ms. Amy Nair . Mr Rahul Chongtham, the Embassy´s Trade Representative, introduced the Icelandic emphasis on green solutions and innovation in trade.

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