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Embassy of Iceland in Ottawa

Oceans – The Blue Economy and Innovation - Video Link

The ‘ocean clusters’ in both Iceland and Canada are changing the way ocean business is done and are growing the blue economy. These clusters bring together companies from across all ocean-related industries – from fisheries to marine technology, and from defence to renewables – and they promote and foster innovation and partnerships between stakeholders in their respective markets.

Panelists discussed the missions of the clusters; how they and their stakeholders (businesses, civil society, government) can work together on innovation, inclusion, community engagement, and market entry; and, how new ways of thinking and collaborating can make substantial changes in our society and the way we do business.



Welcome: Ambassador Hlynur Gudjonsson, Embassy of Iceland, Ottawa


Opening Remarks: Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir, Minister of Science, Industry and Innovation, Iceland


Introduction to the Iceland Ocean Cluster and Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

11:50- 12:25pm

Panel Discussion on Innovation, Inclusion, Community Engagement, and Market Entry

Moderator: Jane Taber, VP Public Affairs at NATIONAL Public Relations and former Canadian journalist



Closing Remarks: Andy Fillmore, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

Future Events: Ambassador Jeannette Menzies, Embassy of Canada, Reykjavík


The lecture series is a part of the 75 anniversary of diplomatic relations between Canada and Iceland.




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