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Author Kristín Ragna Gunnarsdóttir meets with the media and reads at Eureka Book store and Shiv Nadar School in Delhi

Kristin Ragna Gunnarsdottir reads at Eureka Bookstore,New Delhi - mynd

The visit to India and my discussions with the people here has affected me deeply and will influence my future works“, said author and illustrator Kristín Ragna Gunnarsdóttir at a reception hosted  by Ambassador Guðni Bragason where she met with members of the media, fellow writers and artists and publishers. In Delhi the author read from her works at the Shiv Nadar School and the Eureka bookstore which is a member of the Bookaroo Children´s Literature Festival. 

On the previous week-end she had attended the Jaipur Literature Festival. Ambassador Bragason welcomed the author and mentioned that she and her husband, the musician Gunnlaugur Stefánsson, were probably the first Icelanders from the field of the arts to visit India since the COVID-10 pandemic started. The reception was supported by the Indo Icelandic Business Association whose Chairman Mr Prasoon Dewan addressed the  gathering. The visit of Kristín Ragna Gunnarsdóttir to India was organised by the Embassy of Iceland, in cooperation with the Icelandic Literature Centre and the MFA in Reykjavík. 

Speech by the Ambassador below:

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