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Arctic - Himalayan Cooperation

Ambassador Gudni Bragason & Trade Representative Rahul Chongtham at NCPOR in Goa - mynd

The Ambassador of Iceland, Guðni Bragason, visited the National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR) in Goa on 28th March, accompanied by Trade Representative Rahul Chongtham. They met with Dr. Thamban Meloth and other experts who introduced Indian projects in the Arctic, such as on Svalbard. Experts from NCPOR have participated in the Arctic Circle Assemblies in Reykjavík.

On 24th March Ambassador Bragason met with Dr. Ravichandran, Secretary of the Ministry of Earth Sciences and former head of NCPOR, in Delhi. Discussions centred on the newly published Indian Arctic Policy and the possibility of cooperating on a seminar on Arctic-Third Pole issues.



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