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Icelandic Animation films at the Mumbai International Film Festival.

Ambassador Gudni Bragason at the Mumbai International Film Festival  - mynd

Icelandic animation films featured at the Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) for Documentaries, Short and Animation films on 1st June. The Ambassador of Iceland, Guðni Bragason opened the segment for the Icelandic animation films and discussed briefly the importance of films in Iceland and for the cultural work of the Embassy in New Delhi. The films were Kitchen by Measure by Atli Arnarson and Sólrún Ylfa Ingimarsdottir, Pride of Strathmoor by Einar Baldvin, Anna and the Moods by Gunnar Karlsson and  Yes People by Gísli Darri Halldórsson. Present were also Ravinder Bhakar, Director General of the Film Festival and Dhvani Desai who curated the Icelandic segment, as well as Culture and Tourist Counsellor Deepika Sachdev.

Speech by the Ambassador 


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