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Geothermal operation started in Himachal Pradesh

GEG Power- Drilling at Kinnaur , Himachal for a geothermal cold storage project  - mynd

The Icelandic company GEG Power has begun its geothermal energy based cold storage  project in the Kinnaur region of Himachal Pradesh, in cooperation with Indian partners.

Several hot springs in Himachal Pradesh are suitable for direct utilization applications for space heating and cooling, industrial uses, greenhouse and  tourism. To support this project, considering its objectives in terms of the welfare of the local farmers in the region, employment generation, technology development and food security, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland has provided a grant to GEG Power under the UN Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Fund.

Please visit the following link for the full report - http://gegpower.is/geg-successfully-breaks-ground-on-geothermal-cooling-project-in-india/

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