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Long-term support to Ukraine

The Government of Iceland will put forward a five-year plan to Althingi to cement Iceland‘s long-term commitment of support to Ukraine in its fight against Russia‘s illegal invasion. Iceland will also continue to support Ukraine on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration. 

Bjarni Benediktsson, Minister for Foreign Affairs, presented a draft parliamentary resolution to a cabinet meeting yesterday. The draft resolution entails a commitment to increase Iceland’s annual contribution to Ukraine’s defences and economic, humanitarian and reconstruction efforts. It also highlights Iceland’s intention to further strengthen bilateral ties and to continue advocating for just peace, in line with international law and President Zelenskyy’s Peace Formula. 

"Today marks two years since the beginning of Russia's illegal and unprovoked full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This war of aggression is the most serious security threat facing Europe since the end of World War II. A long-term plan of support will mark a turning point demonstrating our serious commitment to support the struggle of the Ukrainian people for as long as necessary," says Foreign Minister Bjarni Benediktsson.

The draft parliamentary resolution will be presented to Althingi’s Foreign Affairs Committee in the coming days for consultation and finalisation. From the start of the full-scale invasion, there has been a clear consensus in Althingi, that Iceland must support Ukraine for as long as it takes. 

"Ukrainians have been fighting for our fundamental values for two years now. Iceland's sovereignty is based on compliance and respect for international law by all, thus it is no hyperbole to state that our long-term support for the security and independence of Ukraine is also a long-term support for the security and independence of Iceland," says Bjarni.

Following consultations with Althingi’s Foreign Affairs Committee, the resolution is expected to be passed in parliament within weeks. According to the draft resolution, contributions for the year 2024 will be substantially increased from the previous year, forming a minimum baseline for annual contributions in the years 2025-2028. 


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