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Statement on behalf of the Nordic countries: Questions regarding the Security Council

Statement on behalf of the Nordic countries by H.E. Jorundur Valtysson,
Permanent Representative of Iceland to the United Nations
General Assembly 78th Session:
Informal meeting of the plenary of the intergovernmental negotiations on the question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and other matters related to the Council Segment: Action 3
20 May 2024

Co-Chairs, Excellencies, 

I have the honor to make this intervention on behalf of the Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and my own country, Iceland. 
Thank you for giving us another opportunity to add our comments to the draft IGN input to the Summit of the Future. 

The Nordic countries see Action point 3 as a particularly important element in the draft input. We can and must address reforms related to the current Council’s working methods already today. And at the same time, we must ensure a focus in the IGN discussions on working methods which are directly impacted by expansion.

In this light, we support all efforts aimed at pursuing consistent, incremental improvements towards democratizing the procedures of the Security Council and strengthening the General Assembly, including in its mandate on international peace and security. 

In particular, we wish to add our support to the call to the consistent implementation of Note 507, the full implementation of all provisions of the Charter, including Article 27(3), and for UNSC members to commit to not voting against or using the veto against credible draft resolutions concerning timely and decisive action to end the commission of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes. 

Furthermore, we strongly support strengthening the cooperation and communication between the Security Council and the General Assembly and its subsidiary bodies, including the Peacebuilding Commission. In this connection, we welcome the call to fully implement and use the Uniting for Peace resolutions and the Veto Initiative. 

Similarly, we support the call for greater participation in and access to the work of the Security Council as well as the call to enhance the Council’s accountability and transparency to the General Assembly on whose behalf it acts.


We believe the draft input is ambitious and meaningful, yet balanced and concise. You have our full support in finding agreement on the basis of this draft. 

Thank you. 


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