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Statement of Iceland on the situation in Ukraine

Harald Aspelund, Permanent Representative of Iceland to the International Organisations in Geneva delivered last Tuesday a statement in the Human Rights Council on the situation in Ukraine. 



Iceland Statement

Interactive Dialogue with High Commissioner on Ukraine

25 September 2018


Thank you, Mr. President,

Iceland would like to thank the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights for its continued work to monitor the human rights situation in the armed conflict zone and other parts of Ukraine.

We share concerns about the lack of effective investigation into conflict-related human rights violations, such as arbitrary detention, torture and ill-treatment in government-controlled territory.

Iceland deplores that between 16 May and 15 August 2018, OHCHR recorded 105 civilian casualties in eastern Ukraine, which constitutes a 30 per cent increase compared to the previous reporting period. As noted in the report, increased hostilities worsen the immediate and long-term human rights protection of people living in the affected areas. We call on all parties, –the Government of Ukraine and the Russian Federation and other groups – to end all hostilities and human rights abuses and to bring to an end to the conflict by strictly adhering to the ceasefire and implementing other obligations foreseen in the Minsk agreements.


Mr. President,

We also call on the Russian Federation to Implement General Assembly Resolution 72/190 of 19 December 2017, including by ensuring proper and unimpeded access of international human rights monitoring missions and human rights non-governmental organizations to Crimea as well as to respect obligations applicable to an Occupying Power pursuant to international humanitarian law, including the obligation to respect laws in force in an occupied territory.

We reiterate our respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognised borders.

Finally, we call on all sides to take urgent measures to protect LGBT persons and activists, who are subjected to cruel attacks and harassment and hold perpetrators accountable.



I thank you.


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