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Statement by Ambassador Jörundur Valtýsson at a side event: Reaffirming the Commitment to Multilateralism

“Reaffirming the commitment to Multilateralism through the strengthening of international system and institutions on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations”

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Thank you Madame Chair,

Madame President, Secretary General, dear colleagues.


The 75th anniversary marks an important milestone for the United Nations. It represents an opportunity not only to reflect on our past but also to look to the future and reaffirm our collective commitment to multilateralism.


I would like to thank the organizers of this event for giving us the opportunity to have this dialogue.


The bedrock of Iceland´s independence and success has been the international rule-based order with its open market, free-trade, multilateral institutions, liberal democracy and international co-operation. This foundation should never be taken for granted and we need to stand by our convictions and principles while looking for ways to improve, reform and strengthen the system.


I would like to commend the Secretary General and the President of the General Assembly for their leadership in this regard and their efforts in launching the 75th anniversary preparations.


Iceland was honored to co-facilitate, along with Singapore this spring, the modalities resolution for the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the UN. This framework resolution lays the groundwork for stocktaking and reflection on „the Future We Want, the UN We Need “.


Here, we have an opportunity to showcase the achievements of the UN while also looking to the future. Activities are expected to take place at the international, regional and national level, and include all segments of society. This will create a unique momentum for multilateralism and the United Nations.


We look forward to multi-stakeholder participation, not least from civil society and youth, to make the commemoration meaningful and relevant to all people.


Thank you.


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