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Joint Nordic Statement to the Third Committee on Adoption of the UNHCR Omnibus Resolution

Statement by Denmark (on behalf of the Nordic countries)

Adoption of the UNHCR Omnibus resolution in the 3rd Committee, 15 Nov 2019


Thank you, Mr. President.


The resolution on the “Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees” -  the “UNHCR Omnibus resolution” - is traditionally facilitated by one of the Nordic countries. This year, it has been Denmark’s privilege to facilitate the negotiations on the resolution in Geneva and present it to the Third Committee here in New York. I am honoured to give this statement today on behalf of the five Nordic countries – Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and my own country Denmark.


The work of the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees - the UNHCR - is humanitarian and of an entirely non-political character. Similarly, the resolution, which deals with the mandate of the Office, is a humanitarian, non-political text. It supports UNHCR in continuing to provide international protection and humanitarian assistance, and to seek durable solutions for the persons within its mandate. The resolution deals with the common ground that enables UNHCR to work in the interest of us all – and most essentially for the benefit of those forcibly displaced.


This year’s text includes language on the implementation of the Global Compact for Refugees - the GCR - and on the first ever Global Refugee Forum to be held in Geneva on 17-18 December 2019. The support to and implementation of the GCR will enable the international community to have a more effective, collective response to forced displacement - one of the most central global challenges today.


I wish to thank all Member States for their constructive engagement in negotiations in Geneva, where we were able to reach agreements on many difficult topics. I can ensure you that the the concerns of all member states were given full and due consideration in order to arrive at a draft that could receive the broadest possible support – in the best interest of UNHCR and the people that it serves so well.


Mr. President,


The text in front of us today was the outcome of extensive negotiations in Geneva and I am pleased to confirm that it enjoys strong and solid support from a large majority of Member States, cross-regionally.


Therefore, we deeply regret that one Member State has called this resolution for a vote. The UNHCR deserves the solid backing that a consensus text provides.


As the facilitator of this resolution, and on behalf of the Nordic countries, I strongly encourage all Member States of the United Nations to support this resolution and to vote in favour of its adoption today by the Third Committee.


Thank you.


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