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Joint Nordic Statement on Upholding the United Nations Charter


I have the honour to speak on behalf of the Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and my own country, Norway.

We thank Vietnam for organizing this debate.

The Nordic countries are staunch supporters of the rules-based international order. The United Nations with the Charter at its core remains as important today - as ever.

We speak with one voice in support of multilateralism, peaceful resolution of conflicts, the fight against poverty and respect for human rights.



Let me highlight three achievements that we the peoples of the UN have accomplished under the framework of the Charter.

Special political missions and envoys have played a crucial role to reduce tension. In many instances they have prevented, and shown the way out of conflict through creative and persistent diplomacy.

Peacekeeping operations have proved critical in halting violence and creating an enabling environment for peace.  

Close coordination and cooperation with national and regional actors in the field, will continue to be vital. Regional organizations, such as the African Union, and sub-regional organizations, like ECOWAS, are instrumental in both preventing and removing threats to peace.

And - this Security Council still has unique legitimacy and powers in upholding the respect for international law. And when its members are united, its role is unrivalled.



The international architecture, of organisations and norms, that we have built together since 1945 constitutes an unparalleled success.

However, today we see a worrying tendency that the multilateral system is under pressure. As are the rules and norms that underpin it.

The recent dramatic escalation in the Middle East is deeply concerning to us all. It is of crucial importance that all parties exercise maximum restraint, re-start dialogue, and engage in peaceful means to resolve their differences. The international community must make every effort to contribute to a long term political solution to the current situation.

More broadly, we are facing major global challenges like climate change, irregular migration, terrorism, humanitarian crisis, and conflict, that no State can solve alone.

As we embark on the 75th anniversary of the UN, the Nordic countries call for a renewed mobilization in support of multilateralism. The celebration of the UN this year is an important opportunity to reconfirm the benefits of international cooperation and what it means to people in our everyday life. This will continue to be at the core of the Nordic countries’ multilateral efforts.



Our work as members of the United Nations is not only about halting conflicts, but also about sustaining peace and creating conditions for sustainable development.

We know that when women participate and shape peace and reconciliation processes, we are more likely to achieve sustainable peace.

We fully support efforts to reform the UN system, to allow a more holistic approach towards peace and security, development and human rights.

The Nordic countries will continue to advocate for the need to invest in a strong, effective and accountable UN. We remain consistent partners in our common efforts to uphold the rules-based international order. It brings predictability and creates the necessary conditions for tackling the most pressing global issues of today.

Thank you.


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