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Joint Nordic Statement at the Arria formula meeting of the Security Council on Implementation of Security Council Resolutions on Youth, Peace and Security by UN Peace Operations

Joint Nordic Statement at the UN Security Council Arria Formula Meeting on September 9, 2020, on “Implementation of Security Council Resolutions on Youth, Peace and Security by UN Peace Operations” by H.E. Jukka Salovaara, Permanent Representative of Finland to the UN

Your Excellencies,

Members of the Security Council,

I have the honour to deliver this statement on behalf of the Nordic countries, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and my own country, Finland.

We thank the co-hosts for arranging this timely meeting, and extend our thanks also to the young briefers for their valuable insights.


The current pandemic has highlighted the positive role of young people in their communities. In this time of crisis, young people around the world have shown action and been a source of hope in our fight against a common threat.

Member States and the Security Council must ensure full implementation of the youth, peace and security agenda. Security Council resolution 2535 was adopted in July, and the Nordic countries were among its 83 co-sponsors. This broad support is a clear indication of the importance placed by Member States on further strengthening the involvement of young people in prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts.


The new resolution calls for better coordination and increased engagement to realise the youth, peace and security agenda. To this end, we encourage UN Peace Operations to develop and implement strategies in partnership with young people.

The Nordic countries have a long tradition of youth engagement. We support a range of initiatives at both the national and international level, including youth-led initiatives that support young peacebuilders in conflict contexts.

We reiterate the need to include formulations in Security Council mandates that provide for effective participation of youth in peace and security efforts. Peace Operations must mainstream a youth perspective and ensure their participation throughout the implementation of their mandates. This requires leadership and capacity. We support the UN’s efforts to institutionalize a youth sensitive approach to programming.

The current pandemic has made it more difficult for the staff of peace operations to meet and communicate with local populations. Even in these trying times, we need to make sure that the insights and perspectives of youth are taken into account. Only with the meaningful inclusion of young people will conflict prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts be effectual and sustainable.

In conflict situations, young people’s leadership and participation are too often left unrecognized. The Council should give specific attention to young women and men, youth with disabilities, and indigenous youth. They deserve our full attention.

Finally, Your Excellencies,

Young people can play an important, positive role in their communities not only during and in the aftermath of violent conflicts – but also before. In this regard, we welcome the innovative approaches to youth engagement that some missions have undertaken, and encourage other missions to follow their example.

The protection of young mediators, peacebuilders and human rights defenders is essential, and Member States have an especially central role in protecting and supporting them.

Thank you.


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