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FFD Co-facilitators statement - ECOSOC Financing for Development

FFD Co-facilitators statement

ECOSOC Coordination Segment

Agenda item 3: Pathways for a resilient and inclusive economic recovery

3 February 2022


Madam/Mr. Chair, Administrator, vice-chair of the statistical commission, colleagues,

  • I am pleased to address the inaugural ECOSOC coordination segment on behalf of Ambassador Jörundur Valtýsson, Permanent Representative of Iceland, and myself, as co-facilitators for the preparation of the draft conclusions and recommendations of the 2022 ECOSOC Forum on Financing for Development follow-up and to facilitate the consultations among Member States.


  • We are now two years into the COVID19 pandemic, which continues to occupy our agenda and shape recovery and development prospects - and raises the risk of detrimental long-term impacts for the 2030 Agenda.


  • The task ahead of us is ensuring full recovery for all while accelerating progress on the SDGs, as the theme for this coordination segment highlights. Not a small task, but a task we can achieve if we work together in a coordinated manner.


  • With the support of member states, this year’s FfD Forum can indeed move us closer to a balanced recovery and yield concrete progress on some of the most critical issues, including debt and liquidity issues, digitalization, climate finance, taxation, and trade and investment.


  • These issues are at the forefront of current global economic policy discussions and the conversations taking place under this agenda item on resilient and inclusive economic recovery will undoubtedly provide an important contribution to the FFD process. I thank the panelists and member states for their valuable input.


  • As co-facilitators, we would like to take this opportunity to urge member states to actively participate in the Financing for Development process, including the discussions on the outcome document and ensuring participation at the highest level at the FFD Forum.


  • A tentative roadmap has been shared with member states but allow me to highlight a few key dates.


  • Next Monday, February 7, we will provide a briefing on the roadmap and hear member states’ expectations for the outcome document.


  • The Inter-agency Taskforce on Financing for Development will release its Financing for Sustainable Development report on 1st of March. I am sure we are all keenly waiting for this report which will inform our discussions going forward.


  • By the 18th of March, we ask member states to submit their written inputs to the zero draft, which we hope to release on 22nd of March. The FFD Forum will take place 25th to 28th of April, with the adoption of the outcome document taking place on the last day of the forum.


  • Allow us to underscore that we will remain neutral and impartial in our role as co-facilitators and that all inputs will be duly considered.

    Madam/Mr. Chair, distinguished colleagues,

  • The urgency has never been higher. We need to come together to ensure that recovery and progress are being shared equally.


  • We count on the support of member states in delivering a concise Financing for Development outcome document that moves us closer to delivering on the Addis Ababa Action Agenda and Agenda 2030.


  • Thank you.


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