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Our Common Agenda, 4th Consultations


Protecting our planet and being prepared for the future

Statement of Iceland by DPR Jonas G. Allansson

3 March 2022

Mr Vice President

At the outset, let me underline Iceland's full solidarity with Ukraine and condemn in the strongest terms Russia's invasion, which is in flagrant violation of international law and the UN charter.

Iceland reiterates its unwavering support of the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Ukraine, within its internationally recognized borders.

Iceland aligns with the statement delivered earlier by Sweden on behalf of the Nordic Countries, but I would like to highlight a few points in my national capacity.

Mr Vice President

Thank you for convening today's consultations on protecting our planet and preparing for the future. These two themes need to be addressed together and rest on our effective implementation of the Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030.

We need to accelerate our efforts in fulfilling our climate commitments at home and by supporting lower-income countries in advancing their climate ambitions through international climate finance.

Over 760 million people still lack access to electricity. A third of the world relies on harmful, polluting fuels for cooking.

Just and Inclusive energy transition, ensuring Sustainable Energy for All, needs to be a fundamental part of all policy discourse on climate change and is the key to building a better and greener future.

Given the clear links between climate change and sustainable food systems, transforming food systems must also be an integral part of this effort.

With over three billion people relying on food from the Ocean and freshwater for animal protein proper attention should be given to blue food. Yet, the global policy and funding community seem to undervalue the importance of aquatic foods.

The health of the World Oceans - our Blue Planet - is increasingly under pressure.

We must take concrete steps to strengthen regional and international cooperation on Ocean Affairs and make full use of the best scientific advice and the Law of the Sea.

The UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon will be an important milestone on this journey, and we look forward to active participation

Finally, Mr Vice President, to build a better and greener future, our efforts and action need to be just and inclusive, anchored in human rights, fundamental freedoms and gender equality.


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