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Statement by Iceland in exchange of views with Ms Claire Bazy Malaurie, Vice-President of the Venice Commission

Council of Europe, Committee of Ministers, 1410th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies. Statement delivered by Ambassador Ragnhildur Arnljótsdóttir.

Mr. Chair,

The Venice Commission has a very important role to play in protecting and promoting the main principles of the European constitutional heritage and we warmly welcome today’s opportunity to exchange views with Ms Claire Bazy Malaurie.

The ability of the Commission to not only function but to also deal with an increasing workload during Covid-19 is impressive and we thank all the members for their efforts. The rise in requests for opinions and the discussions and citations generated by the Commission’s opinions is indeed a true testament to its relevance.

Last year, the Prime Minister of Iceland requested an opinion of the Venice Commission on four draft constitutional bills on the protection of the environment, on natural resources, on referendums and on the President of Iceland, the government, functions of the executive and other institutional matters. We are grateful for the dialogue and cooperation with the Commission and for the guidance provided.

Madam Bazy Malaurie, in your intervention you have flagged the stretching of the Commission’s resources and that the Commission is asking the CM to consider the possibilities for an increase in the Commission’s budget. Could you please elaborate on this?

I thank you.


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