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Sigríður Á. Snævarr

Jurisdiction: Australia, the Holy See, Malaysia and Singapore.

Emerging markets with focus on post-COVID solutions, innovation and technology in cooperation with Promote Iceland. 

Curriculum Vitae

born 23 June 1952 in Reykjavik, Iceland

Foreign Service Career

1978 First Secretary, MFA
1979 First Secretary, Embassy of Iceland, Moscow
1981-83 Deputy Permanent Representative, Council of Europe
1984 Counsellor, Head of Information and Cultural Department
1985 Head of the Icelandic Delegation to the UN Conference on the Status of Women, Nairobi
1987-91 Counsellor and later Minister-Counsellor, Embassy of Iceland, Bonn
1991-96 Ambassador of Iceland to Sweden
1991-96 Ambassador of Iceland to Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Namibia (non-resident)
1996-99 Ambassador, Chief of Protocol, MFA
1996-99 Homebased Ambassador to South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia
1999-2004 Ambassador of Iceland to France
1999-2004 Ambassador of Iceland to Andorra, Spain, Italy, Portugal (non-resident)
1999-2004 Permanent Representative to the OECD, UNESCO, FAO
2004-2007 Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Secretary of State, MFA
2007-2014 Leave from the Foreign Service. Founded a company to train 1100 job-seekers to find work
2017 Member of Steering Committee, Future of the Icelandic Foreign Service
2017- Director of Homebased Ambassadors and special envoys, MFA
2018 Ambassador of Iceland to the Holy See
2019 Ambassador of Iceland to Singapore


1972-1973 Perugia, Firenze, Italian studies
1977 B. Sc. Econ, London School of Economics
1978 M.A. Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
1987 Fellow, Harvard Russian Research Center


English, Italian, French, German, Swedish, Danish

Ambassador Snævarr is married to Mr. Kjartan Gunnarsson, lawyer and they have one son

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