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Stefán L. Stefánsson

Jurisdiction: Djibuti, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Geothermal energy.

Curriculum Vitae

1957 Born in Reykjavík Iceland 6 March
1982 – 83 Journalist at the DV Daily Newspaper in Reykjavík
1985 Cand. Juris from the University of Iceland
1986 Newsman, Foreign News Department, Icelandic State Television
1987 First Secretary Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland
1987 First Secretary Embassy of Iceland, Washington D.C.
1990 First Secretary Embassy of Iceland to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
1991 First Secretary Embassy of Iceland to the Russian Federation
1994 Councellor Deputy Head of Department of Trade at the MFA
1996 Minister-Councellor
1997 Deputy Permanent Representative of Iceland to the United Nations and serving concurrently as Consul General of Iceland in New York
2000 Secretary General in the Office of H.E. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson  President of Iceland
2006 1 January Chief of Protocol at the MFA
2006 1 September Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Iceland to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and concurrently the Holy See
2008 Ambassador of Iceland to Japan
2009 Ambassador of Iceland to the Philippenes
2010 Ambassador of Iceland to Indonesia
2013 Ambassador Directorate of External Trade, MFA
2016 Chief Air Negotiator, MFA
2017 Permanent Representative of Iceland to IRENA
2019 Homebased Ambassador of Iceland to Nicaragua and the United Arab Emirates (Agrée).

Married to Guðrún Bryndís Harðardóttir, Make-up Artist and the first published cook book author on Icelandic cuisine in Japan

Two sons:
Hörður Páll Stefánsson born 1988
Stefán Lárus Stefánsson born 1992

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