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Ministry of Health

COVID 19: Contract signed with Janssen covering vaccine for 235,000 people

Svandís Svavarsdóttir, Minister of Health - mynd

A contract for the supply of vaccine to Iceland from the drug manufacturing company Janssen was signed earlier today, the third of its type to be secured by the Icelandic health authorities for the purchase of vaccine against COVID 19. The contract with Janssen guarantees doses for 235,000 people; earlier, contracts had been made with Pfizer for doses for 85,000 people and with AstraZeneca for sufficient vaccine for a further 115,000.

Through its participation in pan-European collaboration on the purchase of vaccines under agreements made by the European Commission, Iceland is guaranteed the same quantities of vaccine, proportional to its population, as other countries involved. The commission determines how much each state receives on a strictly proportional basis.

The Ministry of Health is currently working to finalise a contract with the drug manufacturer Moderna, which it is planned to sign on 31 December.



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