Hoppa yfir valmynd
Ministry of Health

COVID-19: General restrictions on gatherings tightened at midnight

The general restrictions on the number of people in the same area will be 10, the authorisation for higher numbers of people with rapid tests is cancelled, the maximum number of people in stores will be 200 people and nightclubs, bars and slot machine halls will be closed. These are the main points of the stricter infection prevention measures decided by the Minister of Health based on the recommendations of the Chief Epidemiologist. Current restrictions on school activities will remain unchanged. The regulation on tightened restrictions in Iceland will apply from January 15 to February 2 2022.

Tighter measures are being taken in the light of current forecasts of an increase in infections caused by Covid-19 and hospitalisations in the coming weeks, and a large and growing strain on the health system, especially the National University Hospital. At the same time, a concerted effort is being made to strengthen the National University Hospital and increase its ability to meet the increased pressure.

Main points of the regulation on gatherings with the changes that come into effect at midnight

  • General restrictions on gatherings will go from 20 to 10 people.
  • The 2-meter social distancing rule and face mask requirement will remain in effect.
  • Restaurants may accept 20 people in the same area with unchanged opening hours.
  • Performing arts are permitted with up to 50 audience members in the same area.
  • The authorisation for higher numbers with rapid antigen tests is cancelled.
  • Swimming pools, spas, gyms and ski areas are open for 50% of the permitted number of people.
  • Sports competitions are permitted with up to 50 participants but no spectators.
  • The maximum number of people in stores will be reduced from 500 to 200.
  • Nightclubs, bars, slot machine halls and arcades will be closed.


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