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Ministry of Health

COVID-19: Requirement for testing in relation to special precautions against infection is cancelled and outdoor activities in isolation permitted

Individuals who are exercising special precautions against infection following contact tracing are no longer obligated to undergo a rapid test at the beginning and end of the precautionary period as of tomorrow but must exercise caution for 7 days and get a PCR test if symptoms emerge. The Minister of Health has approved a regulation to that effect. The regulation gives individuals in isolation limited authorisation to pursue outdoor activities. 

Special precautions against infection

The changes to the rules on special precautions against infection are made in accordance with the recommendations of the Chief Epidemiologist. In the Chief Epidemiologist's memorandum to the minister, it is noted that in the first 16 days of the year only around 1% of those required to exercise personal precautions against infection were diagnosed with Covid following a test. A large part of that group were school-age children.

As before, the contact tracing team will evaluate who will be required to quarantine and who will be required to exercise special precautions based on the exposure to infection in each case. Those evaluated to have had negligible exposure are subject to unchanged rules of personal precautions with the exception that the precautionary period now lasts for 7 days and a test is no longer required at the beginning and end. If an individual exercising special precaution feels Covid-like symptoms, they shall undergo a PCR test.

Those exercising special precautions can go to work, school and run necessary errands. They have to keep in mind that an infection is possible, show caution, observe personal infection prevention measures and go get a PCR test immediately if they experience symptoms. When exercising special precautions interactions with vulnerable individuals and groups must be avoided. 

Outdoor activities during isolation

Under the current rules, individuals in isolation due to Covid-19 may go out on balconies or out into private yards if they are healthy enough to do so. The changes decided by the Minister of Health allow such individuals to take a walk in the area around their homes if they are able. They have to maintain a distance of 2 meters from other pedestrians and avoid crowded areas. They can take two such walks per day lasting 30 minutes each at the most. Adults in isolation at quarantine centres cannot be offered outside activities, but children in isolation will be allowed to go outside.


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