Hoppa yfir valmynd
Ministry of Health

COVID-19: Abolition of quarantine, 200-person assembly limit, 1000-person events allowed etc.

Close to 10,000 people will be released from quarantine today when the rules on quarantine will be removed through regulation. A regulation on assembly limits will enter into effect at midnight stipulating relaxations as further specified below.

A regulation has been published providing for the abolition of quarantine due to domestic infections. Those already in quarantine will not have to be tested to be released and this also applies to those who were supposed to undergo testing today. Those who have been exposed to infection will no longer be required to register for special precaution although it remains encouraged, and there will no longer be a testing obligation at the end of the precautionary period. Rules on isolation remain unchanged.

Rules for those arriving through Iceland’s borders remain unchanged.

A new regulation on limitations on gatherings will enter into effect at midnight and apply until February 25. At the same time, the special regulation on limitations to school activities will be repealed.

The main changes to limitations on gatherings are as follows:

  • General assembly limit: Goes from 50 to 200 people indoors. Outdoor limitations are repealed.
  • Shops: Limitations in shops are repealed.
  • Large events: Events attended by up to 1000 people will be allowed provided that everyone is seated and masked.  Intermission is permitted during events as well as the selling of refreshments without limitations.
  • Use of face masks: Masks are only required if the 1-meter rule cannot be maintained.
  • Exercise: Swimming pools, gyms and ski areas are allowed to operate at full capacity.
  • Sports competition and training: Sports competition and training is allowed with 200 people per compartment.
  • Schools: Regulation on restrictions of school activities due to the pandemic is repealed. General rules on limitations on gatherings therefore apply, but with exceptions to enable further extensions.
  • School gatherings: School gatherings may be held in primary and upper secondary schools without limitations.
  • Venues with an alcohol licence: Opening hours will be extended by one hour, i.e. guests may be received until midnight but everyone has to leave by 01.00.



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