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Ministry for Foreign AffairsMinistry for the Environment and Natural ResourcesMinistry of Education, Science and CultureMinistry of Finance and Economic AffairsMinistry of HealthMinistry of Industries and InnovationMinistry of JusticeMinistry of Social AffairsMinistry of Transport and Local GovernmentPrime Minister's Office
Defence DirectorateDirectorate for AdministrationDirectorate for Administration - AccountingDirectorate for External Trade and Economic AffairsDirectorate for International and Security AffairsDirectorate for International Development CooperationDirectorate for International Development Cooperation Directorate for Legal and Executive AffairsOffice of the Foreign MinisterOffice of the Permanent Secretary of StateProtocol DepartmentTranslation CentreDepartment of Environment and Spatial PlanningDepartment of Finance and AdministrationDepartment of Land and Natural HeritageDepartment of Oceans, Water and ClimateSenior ManagementThe MinisterDepartment of Central AdministrationDepartment of Cultural AffairsDepartment of Education and ScienceDepartment of Legal Affairs and AdministrationDepartment of Legal Affairs and Public AdministrationDepartment of Policy - making and Financial AffairsEducation, Science and Culture CounsellorAdministrative DepartmentDepartment of Economic AffairsDepartment of Financial ServicesDepartment of Fiscal AffairsDepartment of Public Management and ReformDepartment of TaxationDigital Iceland - Project Management OfficeGovernment ServicesMinister's SecretariatPersonnel Policy DepartmentDepartment of AdministrationDepartment of Economic Analysis and BudgetDepartment of Health ServicesDepartment of Quality and PreventionDepartment of Social AffairsDepartment of the Permanent SecretaryMinister's OfficeDepartment of Administration and FinanceDepartment of Fisheries and AquacultureDepartment of Food and AgricultureDepartment of Industries and InnovationDepartment of International affairsDepartment of TourismDepartment of Finance and OperationDepartment of Legal AffairsDepartment of Personal RightsDepartment of Public Security and Criminal JusticeCare Quality Inspectorate for Social Services and Child ProtectionDepartment of AdministrationDepartment of Economic Analysis and BudgetDepartment of Social Affairs (temporary)Department of Social and Labour Market Affairs (temporary)Department of the Permanent SecretaryMinister's officeMinister's OfficeDepartment of Digital CommunicationDepartment of Local Government and Regional AffairsDepartment of Policy and BudgetingDepartment of Transport and InfrastructureAdministrationAdministration Department of Policy CoordinationFinance and OperationsLegislative Affairs

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