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Department of Policy and Budgeting

Director: Katrín Anna Guðmundsdóttir (Ingilín Kristmannsdóttir on leave)

On behalf of the Ministry, the Department works on drafting and implementing the government's medium-term financial plan and annual budget. To ensure continuous policy development the Department is responsible for setting criteria for the integration, co-ordination and quality of policies and plans. It is also responsible for defining criteria for service level agreements regarding quality, follow-up and budgetary compliance.

The Department handles all administrative complaints received by the Ministry as ultimate administrative body and issues rulings in these cases. The Department of Policy and Budgeting serves as the Ministry's contact with the Althingi and the Althing Ombudsman. Furthermore, it is responsible for encouraging, co-ordinating and refining working practices, communications with external and internal parties, and promoting the expertise, well-being and professional development of its employees and officials. The Ministry's receptions and hospitality are also the responsiblity of the Department.

Functions and principal tasks

  • Policy and planning
  • Budgeting - budget implementation
  • Services for the Minister
  • Information and communications
  • Ministry operations
  • Quality assurance
  • Administrative rulings


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