Hoppa yfir valmynd

Department of Public Security and Criminal Justice

Director: Ragna Bjarnadóttir

The department is responsible for public administration in major areas of the justice system, i.e. policing, public prosecution and enforcement of sentences, and public safety, including civil protection and search-and-rescue operations. The department formulates policy and resolves issues in its field of responsibility, supervises the legislative process and ensures that administrative practice complies with law and the Minister's policy objectives are achieved through efficient and focused efforts.

Functions and principal tasks

  • Police
  • Coast guard
  • Border controls and Schengen co-operation
  • Organised crime
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Human trafficking
  • Money laundering
  • Anti corruption measures
  • Public prosecution
  • International legal assistance in criminal cases, including letters rogatory and extradition
  • Prisons and enforcement of punishment, including the transport of prisoners and Pardons Committee
  • Civil protection
  • Monitoring, cybersecurity and protection of key social infrastructure
  • Weapons and arms
  • Professional security services
  • Safety and search-and-rescue operations
  • Defence


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