Hoppa yfir valmynd

Davíð Oddsson's Speeches and Articles 1991 - 2004

Jun 17, 2004June 17th - Iceland´s National Day
Jun 15, 2004Iceland´s Economic Performance
Apr 27, 2004Outside the EU: The Case of Iceland
Apr 15, 2004Annual Meeting of the Icelandic-American Chamber of Commerce
Feb 23, 2004Iceland-Ukraine Business Forum
Jan 15, 2004New Year's Address 2003
Nov 24, 20037th World Consular Congress
Nov 14, 2003Iceland Investment Colloquium
Nov 11, 2003Dinner in honour of the Prime Minister of Namibia
Oct 27, 2003Nordic Council in Oslo
Oct 02, 2003Policy Statement 2003
Jun 18, 2003National Day of Iceland
Mar 07, 2003Dinner for Diplomats
Jan 14, 2003Icelandic Chamber of Commerce in Japan
Oct 02, 2002Policy Statement
Sep 24, 2002Third Iceland Investment Colloquium
Sep 10, 2002Icelandic-Italian Chamber of Commerce
Sep 02, 2002Sustainable Development
Jun 07, 2002Dinner in honour of the Prime Minister of Latvia
May 28, 2002NATO-Russia Summit in Rome
Apr 24, 2002German-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce
Apr 23, 2002Island Hoch in Berlin
Mar 15, 2002Dinner for Diplomats at Bessastaðir
Feb 04, 2002French-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce
Dec 31, 2001New Year's Address 2001
Dec 01, 2001Association for Western Cooperation
Nov 29, 2001Íslandsbanki´s Representitive office in London
Nov 09, 2001A new fishmarket in Hull
Nov 06, 2001British-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce
Oct 02, 2001Policy Statement 2001
Sep 17, 2001Iceland - Growing and Diversifying
Sep 03, 2001Icelandic consuls
Aug 25, 2001Diplomatic relations between Iceland and the Baltic states
Aug 25, 2001Banquet for the Baltic Foreign Ministers
May 04, 200150th anniversary of the Bilateral defence Agreement
Apr 25, 2001Green Cross New York Gala Awards
Oct 03, 2000Policy Statement 2000
Sep 14, 2000UN Summit NY
Sep 14, 2000Millennium Summit of the UN
Jul 17, 2000A banquet in Slovenia
Jul 17, 2000Reception in Ottawa
Jul 17, 2000The Statue of Guðríður Þorbjarnardóttir
May 17, 2000Iceland Defence Force
Oct 27, 1999The British-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce
Oct 04, 1999Policy Statement 1999
Nov 17, 1996Statement to the World Food Summit

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