Hoppa yfir valmynd

Organizational Chart

Updated May 2019



  • Cabinet affairs
  • Council of State
  • Government Ministries Act
  • Relations with the Althing and the President's Office
  • International relations
  • Document and archives
  • National symbols and awards

Economic Affairs

  • Followup on the Government's Policy Declaration
  • Monetary policyand matters concerning the Central Bank ofIceland
  • Labour marketrelations andcoordination ofeconomicadministration
  • Central Bank ofIceland


Legislative Affairs

  • The Constitutionand developments in constitutional law
  • Administration Procedure Act and the Information Act
  • Legislative Quality and Simplification
  • National property (uninhabitedareas)
  • Office of the Attorney General (Civil affairs)
  • The Ombudsman for Children

Finance and Operations

  • Operations of the Ministry
  • Finances
  • Fiscal affairs and the Budget
  • Human resources
  • Agencies' finances
  • Properties

Committee of Ministers

  • National Economy
  • State Finances
  • Coordination 
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