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Organizational Chart


Constitutional and Administrative Affairs

  • The Constitution and developments in constitutional law
  • Government Ministries Act
  • Administration Procedure Act and the Information Act
  • Ethical Principles in governance
  • Relations with the Althing and the President's Office
  • Cabinet affairs
  • Council of State
  • National symbols and awards
  • National Security Council
  • National property (uninhabited areas)
  • International relations and coordination on European Cooperation
  • Dissemination of information to the media and the public
  • Office of the Attorney General (Civil affairs)
  • Committee for the interior
  • The Ombudsman for Children
  • The Information Committee

Infrastructure and Development

  • Operations of the Ministry
  • Finances
  • Fiscal affairs and the Budget
  • Support to other Ministry Departments
  • Agencies' finances
  • Properties
  • Quality Control
  • Reform and Development in the Ministry‘s Operations
  • Documents and archives
  • Human resources

Policy Coordination

  • Support for the Government‘s Policy-making
  • Followup on the Government's Policy Declaration
  • Coordination of key projects across ministries
  • Coordination of economic administration
  • Labour market relations 
  • Icelandic Economic Council
  • Support for Ministerial Committees
  • Sustainable Development and Just Transition
  • UN‘s Sustainable Development Goals
  • Central Bank of Iceland
  • Statistics Iceland

Equality and Human Rights

  • Equal Status and Equal Rights Irrespective of Gender
  • Equal Treatment irrespective of racial and ethnic origin
  • Equal Treatment on the Labour Market
  • Equal Pay Certification
  • LGBTI Affairs
  • Gender Autonomy
  • Gender Equality Action Programme
  • Prevention Plan against Sexual and Gender-based Violence and Harassment among Children and Young People
  • Policy making in the field of gender equality
  • International cooperation in the field of gender equality
  • Human Rights
  • The Directorate on Equality
  • Equal Rights Complaints Committee
  • The Icelandic Gender Equality Fund
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