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Utilisation of geothermal energy in Iceland and in East Africa

Gunnar Bragi í ræðustól á COP21.
Gunnar Bragi í ræðustól á COP21.

Mr. Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson, the Icelandic Minister for Foreign Affairs, today made opening remarks at two events in relation to the Climate Change Conference in Paris.

One was on the ways in which the utilisation of geothermal energy and other sustainable energy sources can be increased and was hosted by the Ministry in collaboration with the Iceland Geothermal Cluster, in which Icelandic companies, the National Energy Authority and the National Power Company of Iceland gave presentations on the use of renewable energy in Iceland and related climate-friendly innovation projects.

The other was an event planned by the Nordic Development Fund, covering the geothermal development project Iceland is working on in East Africa. Iceland has, in collaboration with the World Bank and the Nordic Development Fund, been conducting an extensive geothermal development project in East Africa. Mr. Sveinsson discussed the beginnings and scale of the project, which is expected to make it possible to produce geothermal energy that can be used by 150 million people in the area.

The representatives of the Nordic countries signed a statement aimed at increasing funding for projects in developing countries with the aim to decrease emissions, based on environmentally sound solutions. The five Nordic countries aim to create an environment that will stimulate investments in such projects, inter alia through training and financial support. With that aim in mind, they have recruited the cooperation of investment funds, development agencies and other parties.


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