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Prime Minister Gunnlaugsson addresses the Supporting Syria & the Region conference in London

Sigmundur Davíð í pontu á ráðstefnunni
Sigmundur Davíð á ráðstefnunni

Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, Prime Minister, addressed a conference in London on Thursday, supporting Syria and it's neighbouring countries. The Prime Minister said Iceland plans to contribute ISK500 million to aid and development in the region this year, in addition to last year's contribution of ISK250 million. The allocation of the funds is in accordance with the decision by the Government and the Committee of Ministers on the matters of refugees and immigrants, concerning an additional contribution of two billion in this policy area in 2015-2016.

In his address the Prime Minister emphasised the importance of a united effort by the global community to provide Syria's neighbouring countries with generous support, including strengthening their infrastructure, enabling them to care properly for the great number of refugees who arrive in search of help and maintain the already fragile stability in the area. The Prime Minister also said it was important that the global community's support to Syria's neighbours gave refugees hope of being able to return home after the war to rebuild a decent life.

In connection with the conference, the Nordic prime ministers met to discuss the migration issue and the challenges the Nordic Region is facing in that context. The leaders agreed it was important that the reaction to the problem did not have a long-term effect on the free movement of persons between the Nordic countries, and that the Nordic countries would need to join forces to a greater extent to seek solution to the problem.


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