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Announcement concerning Assessment of Applications for Permission to call Oneself a Chartered Engineer

This is an English translation.
The original Icelandic text, as published in the Law Gazette (Stjórnartíðindi), is the authoritative text. Should there be discrepancy between this translation and the authoritative text, the latter prevails.

The Ministry of Industry and the Association of Chartered Engineers in Iceland (VFI) have agreed to use the following rules as a basis upon assessing applications for permission to call oneself a Chartered Engineer, cf. Art. 1 – 3 of Act No. 8/1996 respecting the Authorization of Several Professional Titles of Specialists in Technical and Design Faculties as the Act has been amended.

The assessment by VFI's Education Committee is based on the Association's requirements for applicants' education. The Education Committee shall recommend that an applicant obtain the Minister's permission to call himself a Chartered Engineer if the following conditions are met:-

Completed examination degree study at a University or Technical College which the Education Committee deem capable of granting satisfactory education in the speciality field concerned. The examination degree shall be in duration and composition comparable to a Master examination in engineering and shall meet the following minimum requirements of VFI (each unit corresponding to one week of full study):-

a) Core Courses of engineering 25 units
b) Engineering core courses 25 units
c) Engineering specialization 60 units

In addition thereto there shall be subjects of free choice which may be considered to comprise study of engineering and these shall form part of a flawless study and the total length of the study, organized in a formal manner, for no less than four years and a half.

Generally the following study titles are considered to meet the aforementioned conditions if the entire study has been attended at a University or a Technical College. (The present list is being published only for the purpose of guidance. In all instances the study must meet the aforementioned requirements):-

Country Study Title Notes
Iceland MS exam in Engineering -
Denmark Civilingeniør

Not Teknikumingeniør, Akademiingeniør or


Finland Diplomi-insinööri Not Insinööri
Norway Sivilingeniør Not Ingeniør
Sweden Civilingenjör -
Austria Diplom-Ingenieur -

Ingénieur Civil,

Ingénieur Chimiste…

Not Ingénieur Industriel
Britain MSc in Engineering
France Ingénieur Diplômé de … -
Greece Diplomatouchos Michanikos -
Holland Ingenieur Not Technical Ingenieur
Ireland MSc in Engineering
Italy Laurea Dottore in Ingegneria -
Portugal Engenheiro -


Ingénieur diplomé


Ingeniero Superior,

Ingeniero Químico

Not Ingeniero Técnico
Germany Diplom-Ingenieur Examination degree shall be from Universität, Technische Universität, Technische Hochschule or Gesamt-hochschule, but not Fachhochschule (Dipl.-Ing. (FH))
United States

MSc in Engineering

Also MEng. ME or ScM

The course of study shall have the approval of ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology)

Temporary Provisions

Those having enrolled for the study of engineering before 1 January 2000 and attend their study continuously are afforded an opportunity of having their examination assessed according to the rules of assessment in force as of 21 August 1992 and until the entry into force of the rules of assessment announced hereby.

Ministry of Industry 8 December 1999


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