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The Nordic Prime Ministers will gather in Reykjavík for annual summer meeting

 Fánar Norðurlandanna - myndJohannes Jansson/norden.org
On Tuesday, August 20, the prime ministers of the Nordic countries will gather in Reykjavik for their annual summer meeting. German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be a guest of honour. Meetings will also be held with the premiers of the Åland Islands and Greenland.

The meeting will address climate issues and environmental matters in general, the new 10-year vision for the future of the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Arctic, human rights, including gender equality, international affairs and security. Special emphasis will be placed on seeking opportunities to increase cooperation between the Nordics and Germany in addressing challenges on the international stage, not least the consequences of climate change and support for sustainable development.

In conjunction with the meeting, Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir will also host a number of bilateral meetings, including with the German Chancellor. Additionally, a meeting will be held with Nordic CEOs for a Sustainable Future, 14 Nordic companies that have announced their intention to collaborate on the UN’s sustainable development goals.

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