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Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs

Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy for 2020-2024

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs has published Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy for the period 2020-2024. The MTDMS is presented on the basis of the fiscal plan, in accordance with Article 38 of the Act on Public Finances, no. 123/2015, and is to be presented annually.The Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy is presented over a horizon of five years and is based on the previous strategy, issued in December 2018.

The Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy 2020-2024 (MTDS) lays down the Government’s plans for financing its activities during this period. The aim is to map out a clear debt management policy with quantitative targets. The MTDS provides a policy framework for debt management activities, and its key objective is to ensure that the Government's financing needs, and payment obligations are met at the lowest possible cost consistent with a prudent degree of risk.

The strategy describes debt management objectives and guidelines, the current composition of the debt portfolio, inherent risk factors, and contingent liabilities. It also describes the institutional structure of debt management and explains how information disclosure to market agents and investors is carried out.

The guidelines for the composition of the Treasury debt portfolio has some minor changes from the previous MTDMS so that the guidelines for non-indexed debt will be 50-70% of the portfolio and guidelines for indexed debt will be 20-30% of the total Treasury portfolio. The guidelines for the foreign debt is unchanged at 10-20%.


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